1266 - It's not the porn, it's you
Friday, July 9, 2010

If you find that your employees are goofing off watching porn at work instead of working, does it make logical sense that you should get rid of the porn, or the employee? Exactly. Of course, the government doesn't see it that way, but they're the ones who encoded their like, 900-word mission statement into the U.S. CyberCommand shield. Sigh.

Stories CoveredEdit

Breaking: Blizzard steps back from requiring RealID

Google says Beijing has renewed its license to continue operating a website in China.

Google Streetview cars starting up again

Apologies to Australia

Google’s Street View ‘snoops’ on Congress members

Facebook closing down its virtual gift shop

Hulu May Launch Ad-Free Premium App

House votes to block Net porn on government PCs

Microsoft Lays Claim To iPad's Page Curling Feature

Fring iPhone App Supports Video Calls Over 3G to Any Fring or Skype Use

Code Cracked! Cyber Command Logo Mystery Solved

Robins can literally see magnetic fields, but only if their vision is sharp

Today's featured Buzz Out Loud remix(es) at the end of the show:

Jim Tucker!

Thomas Canada!


Javier from Florida re: Lebron

BZ: Netflix quality doesn’t mean quantity


I was talking with two of my friends (who are online gamers) about the change in WoW policy. They actually told me about the article you brought up on episode 1265 and then also showed me this article:

Basically a Blizzard employee (Micah Whipple) but out his full name to try and calm people down by saying it’s not that big of a deal. buuuuut the author of this article totally contradicted that by finding out all of Micah’s personal information including address, age and family members’ names. I definitely see Molly’s point of saying this could actually help stop the harassment, but there are enough people on the internet who aren’t socially adjusted (and I feel like WoW has a reputation for having a large number of them) that would take advantage of having access to full names. I’ve never been interested in playing WoW but this definitely turns me away, and by the sounds of it many other players – even current ones.

Love the show!



There is precedent for the placement of code on “”public”" symbols and challenging the code breakers to decrypt it. There is a sculpture at CIA headquarters in Virginia where the final code still is resisting their best attempts at decoding the message.


Lance Dong

San Diego, CA

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