1263 - iPad getting Flashed?
Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The E.U. may force Apple to allow Flash on the iPad as well as competitive devices to use iTunes. Like that'll happen. Also: Mario smacks iDrones, and Prince says the Web is over. So, see ya.

Stories CoveredEdit

Pending EU Law Could Force Apple to Allow Flash, Rivals to Sync With iTunes

Here’s What Adobe Flash Looks Like On The iPhone

U.S. charges soldier with leaking video of Iraq airstrike to website

Can terms of service turn you into a criminal?

Employees Challenged To Crack Facebook Security, Succeed

Another Apple iPhone 4 Flaw: A Glitchy Proximity Sensor

AT&T Is Capping Upload Data Speeds

LG confirms Android tablet for Q4 2010 launch, Froyo for Optimus Z

Russian supply ship successfully docks with station

Prince: The Web is so over

Today’s featured Buzz Out Loud remix at the end of the show: Janis Klavenieks! (



RogueTess-the knitter


Greetings BOL Crew,

I have had my shiny new iPhone 4 for all of eight days now, and I’m happy to report that I’ve had few to none antenna issues here in Tennessee. HOWEVER, I did get a nice present via text and email yesterday from AT&T, letting me know I had used 65% of my 2 gigbytes of data and politely suggesting I “”monitor my usage”" so as to avoid overage charges. WOW, thanks AT&T. DAMN YOU DATA CAPS. :’-(

… I guess one good thing this means is that the Phone WORKS, which is also a nice change :-) LOL.

Franklin, the Engineer from TN

Hey Buzz Crew!

Just started listening recently and I’m hooked! But I just want to comment on Best Buy wanting to fire the GENIUS behind the EVO vs iPhone 4 video. I’m a sales rep myself, and I sell both AT&T and Sprint, but not the iPhone, so I constantly have to deal with iDrones who are just like the one in the video. I can go on and on until I’m blue in the face about all the logical and factual points that make Android in general and the EVO specifically better than the iPhone, but some people just refuse to listen. I eventually have to break down and show them the Mario live wallpaper I have on my EVO to get through to them. After showing my coworkers, we all agree that this man deserves a massive raise, and he speaks for sales reps everywhere! And Best Buy should be ashamed of themselves for trying to fire him.

Love the show!

Travis in Orlando

Hi buzz team,

I’ve been listening to your show for just the last few weeks from New Zealand, and really enjoying the discussions. Privacy seems to be a huge concern and increasingly so with smart phones. My suggestion is to build in a mechanical geolocation off switch, just as there is a mute switch, into all smart phones. Then at a glance, whether the phone be on or off, we could see if our geolocation info was being transmitted. And we could easily decide to turn it off when and how we chose.


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