1260 - Flying car-maggeddon
Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I think we can all agree on one thing: flying cars may be cool, but it's going to be a slaughter in the skies--at least at first. Also, the Verizon iPhone is here again! Yay! We'll believe it when we see it, just like we'll believe that Google Me is real and a real competitor to Facebook when we see it and when Google manages to understand actual humans and what they want in a social network. But hey, fingers crossed! Special guest, Darren Kitchen of Hak5!

Stories CoveredEdit

Special Guest: Darren Kitchen of Hak5!

The rumors get stronger: VZ iPhone in Jan

Verizon to launch LTE network on November 15th, handsets on Black Friday

Facebook convinced Google is coming after it with “Google Me”

Google Me is real, and it’s coming soon: source

Sony recalling half a million laptops

Google mobile apps collect Wi-Fi location data

iPhone exposes geolocation on photos regardless of twitpic privacy settings

White Hat Uses Foursquare Privacy Hole to Capture 875K Check-Ins

Google/YouTube argues for Flash

Amazon outage, 3 hours

Meet Cisco Cius: Android tablet for workers, students.

Apple hiring iPhone antenna engineers, for some reason

Leaked: Apple's internal iPhone 4 antenna troubleshooting procedures

FAA floats a break to flying car

Requiem for Chatroulette

Today's featured Buzz Out Loud remix at the end of the show: Greg Kocis


George from Tampa: someone’s always got it worse

Jesse: BOL broke Verizon



I very seldom write in to shows, though I enjoy BOL everyday.

On your view of the Nexus One getting Froyo before everyone else and how that creates all the fragmentation problems and bad feelings?

No, No, No, No, No, Just NO!

Google has to develop the OS on a vanilla phone, without all the crap and add-ons of the carriers and phone manufacturers, before all the device drivers are created and full of bugs for 10,000 devices. This gives Google a test system that lets manufacturers know if it is a bug on their new phone or an OS bug. HTC has provided the benchmark phone several times, previously the G1 I believe?, and now the Nexus One.

Just before starting the rollout to the general public on the Nexus One Google made the 2.2 Open Source version publicly available to download. This is the version all carriers and phone manufacturers will modify to make their own versions. How long it takes you to get a Motorola Droid update is now up to Motorola, The HTC EVO with HTC Sense will take additional time as well

Every manufacturer now gets the Open Source OS at the same time, and could easily follow its creation in the developers forums testing beta versions if they chose to do so..

The Nexus One is not the problem which creates product fragmentation, but rather the solution for an already fragmented product providing a new single fork for the manufacturers to create from with each new version of Android.

Luv the show!


Hi Buzz Crew -

Am I missing something or does Apple reserve the right to track your iPhone every minute of every day and (unless you opt out) sell your location to its “”partners,”" but if you lose your phone, they will only give you that very same information if you have paid them $100 for the year (MobileMe)? In other words, if your phone is gone, Apple will know where it is, and will continue to sell that information to advertisers, but won’t tell you unless you have paid them a little “”protection.”" Seems sleazy.

Doug, one of Many, Many Lawyers in Chicago

My AT&T experience yesterday included a 20 minute wait in line ( The store had a 200 units) with free water and Krispy Kremes. And cheerleading employees encouraging and talking to us. I guess that’s how we do it in Georgia.

Sheala, GA

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