1259 - No, YOUR mom plays Farmville
Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Today in tech news, Hulu launches its subscription service and we're thinking about going over the top (maybe next year). Also, Farmville is apparently so prevalent that it forced a Firefox update ... or, put another way, Firefox gets a little bit broken so that Farmville people can be happy. Sheesh. Steve Jobs sends more email, Kindle for Android arrives, and we fight for a while about Froyo.

Stories CoveredEdit

Windows 8 leaks show Microsoft’s eyes on Apple

The Anatomy of a Leak: Windows 8 Documentation

BREAKING NEWS: Hulu launches subscription service, Hulu Plus

Google update on China

Obama Backs More Spectrum for Wireless

Privacy problems persist in latest Windows Messenger beta

Mozilla updates Firefox to appease Farmville users

Tesla goes public

In E-Mail, Steve Jobs Comments on iPhone 4 Minerals

Lines for iPhones at ATT stores

Nokia: Hold your phone any damn way you want

Kindle for Android now available

Froyo for Nexus rolling out

The warfighter can now take advantage of the new hyperspectral satellite, TacSat-3.

Facebook: friend of divorce lawyers

Today’s featured Buzz Out Loud remix at the end of the show: Super Elliott


Hey Buzz crew…

how is this not a bigger story? The HTC Evo is Sprint’s main “”iPhone”" killer product. They’re running national TV ads for the Evo, there are posters up around town and plastered all over the Sprint stores for the product…but it doesn’t exist. It’s not that Sprint is selling out of Evo’s, they aren’t selling any! The gross sales at Sprint and ALL local Radio Shack stores in the Seattle metro region for the last 2 weeks has been $0.00 in HTC Evo sales. Our Sprint stores haven’t had ANY shipments, not 1000, not 100, not 1 phone in the last 2 weeks. I check back every other day and they just keep repeating the line “”we’ll let you know when we have some in”". It’s not even that I have to wait “”x”" days to get one, I can’t even pre-order one if I WANTED to give them cash. I can go down to the Apple Store and pick up an iPhone 4 (they still have a few) but Sprint hasn’t had a single Evo shipped to them in weeks? I can’t pre-order from Sprint’s web site either. I know there were screen supply issues, but not having any product available for 2/3 of your launch so far is NOT good. Sprint already blew it with the Palm Pre…not they’re angering their customers by not being able to produce any Evo’s…even though they’ll never sell a fraction as many as AT&T will iPhones. Are they TRYING to make me go buy an iPhone? I want the Evo, but Sprint is making this VERY difficult.

Dave in Seattle

Hey BOL crew,

Has anybody ever presented the whole driving distraction problem with Facetime and ubiquitous video calling? A nation full of texting drivers is bad, but a nation full of video callers is pretty bad too. Maybe it’s a good thing that Facetime is wifi only right now.


Hello everyone,

Just wanted to pass along some exciting news. Podcaster, the app that was rejected for duplicating functionality, has finally been accepted into the app store last night after 2 years. Haza!

Keep up the great work.


Podcaster Developer

Hey Molly,

I listened to the show today with beer in hand, hanging on your every word, waiting for the inevitable so I could enjoy my tasty beverage. Three quarters of the way through the show I started having doubts, but then a glimmer of hope: a perfect opportunity and what do I hear? “”TOTALLY”"? NOOOOOOOOOO! Utter disappointment, Molly. I hope my pointing it out didn’t end the fun. The totes drinking game was going to be totally bowser.

I remain thirsty, hopefully only until tomorrow’s episode.

Love the show,


After The CreditsEdit

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