1258 - Plants vs. Lasers
Monday, June 28, 2010

Look for Brian Tong's new movement on Facebook: pain-ray-free produce. But the rest of us actually think it's kind of cool that the government pain-ray has been re-tasked to warm freezing plants. Also, the Supreme Court has finally ruled in the Bilski patent case, giving us a relatively non-destructive moderate decision. ACTA is ramping up again, and we make a date to go see "The Social Network."

Stories CoveredEdit

Supreme Court throws out Bilski patent

New round of ACTA negotiations starts today

Apple: iPhone 4 sold 1.7 million units in 3 days

Congressmen send “Dear Jobs” letter asking Apple to explain tracking

Uh oh: Verizon slashes Kin prices already

Nintendo: Don’t expect 3DS until 2011

Death by Gadget

It’s official: .xxx approved

For 1 billion speakers, domain names officially go Chinese

mSpot Debuts Cloud-Based Music Streaming Service For Android

“Pain-ray” re-tasked to heat frost-susceptible crops

“The Social Network” trailer is a groaner

Today's featured Buzz Out Loud remix at the end of the show: Kyle Lane!


In reference on episode 1257 when u were talking about netflix all for no deliveries on Saturday, that would help them out in there profits cause now with 4 or 5 days a month it will take longer for movies sent through the mail so people are not going to be getting as many movies a month

Love the show


What’s up Buzz Crew? I just got done listening to Fridays show where Raife commented that he’s not ordered a phone cause he doesn’t want it shipped to his AT&T account address. I too, didn’t want mine shipped there (my ex-girlfriends house, the bills in her name still), but that wasn’t gonna stop me even if I had to camp in front of her house to wait for fed-ex. So I ordered, prepared to accept the inevitable. Later that day while checking my order on apples site I noticed I could edit my order. Indeed, it let me change the shipping address to my work easily. No problems at all. Hope this helps :)

Jeremy B. from Milwaukee, WI

Hey Buzz

Just wanted to share a little cellphone tip with eveyone. My parents have used Verizon for as long as I can rememeber but since I’ve moved to NW Arkansas (aka ATT country) I’ve noticed a dip in service, especially with texts. There were times where a call would come in only to push a few texts along with it through the pipes. I soon figured that calling my voicemail also pushed them through. It only takes about 5 seconds of airtime and I don’t even bother typing in my PIN. Yes Molly, that ain’t right. But it works.

Ben aka ben_jamin in the chatroom

Hi BOLers,

I believe Rafe started the ball rolling on the demise of OS X. Follow me on this theory:

1) Rafe talks about his theory on Buzz Out Loud.

2) Listener Writes Steve Jobs

3) Steve Jobs write back denying it

4) Steve Jobs thinks about the ideas merits over a few days or weeks. (queue the Scooby Doo screen fade and creepy music)

5) Steve Jobs puts a plan into place to eliminate OS X. A plan he never would have thought of if it weren’t for Rafe.

Keep smiling and have fun

Tom Gousios (TomSac in the chat room, when work is slow)

After The CreditsEdit

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