1256 - iPhone 4 debuts to a chorus of nerds
Thursday, June 24, 2010

Turns out the newborn iPhones 4 might have a touch of the old jaundice -- it's ok, it's pretty common, just try to lay them in direct sunlight for a few hours. (No, don't try that. Just call Apple.) Top story today, though: a victory for the Internet! That victory? YouTube wins against Viacom! (Viacom plans to appeal.) Also, Rafe was totally right about that antenna thing, he would like to you to know, and when it comes to Twitter and Facebook, well: it's war.

Stories CoveredEdit

YouTube wins case against Viacom

iPhone line reports

Widespread (?) reports of problems with screen and reception

Twitter Lets You Automatically Follow Your Facebook Friends

Facebook blocking parts of Twitter’s FB app

Twitter Settles Charges that it Failed to Protect Consumers’ Personal Information; Company Will Establish Independently Audited Information Security Program

Google Docs creates expectations CIOs can’t meet, Red Hat CEO says

Apple expands patent infringement suit against HTC

Motorola Droid and Droid X Getting Froyo in July and August

Russian president visits Twitter HQ, sends first Tweet

And got first Russian iphone, which he might have to give back

Today's featured Buzz Out Loud remix at the end of the show: Calum Black!


Jake, Sweet 16


Hey this is Brandon from Atlanta,

I tried to activate my iphone yesterday from my mac which is 4 years old and running 10.4.11. The iphone needs 10.5.8 or higher. If I use a pc I can use xp, vista, or windows 7.

So using a 4 year old imac wont work but I can use a 9 year old pc and it will work? I mean come on apple. This was an annoyance to me, because now I have to transfer all my stuff from my mac to my pc. Luckliy I have a pc that can do this, if some one doesn’t have another computer I guess apple will be getting even more money from them for a new OS on an old computer.

Thanks and I love the show.


During my two hour, roundtrip commute, I listen to podcasts and audiobooks on my iPhone. When I received my new iPhone 4 yesterday, I tried to connect my my Jabra Stone A2DP Bluetooth earpiece but the iPhone cannot find it. Later at home, I tried connecting my Kensington Bluetooth A2DP headset and it would not see it either. My iPhone 4 was able to connect to my wife’s (mono) Motorola H681 earpiece.

It’s nice to know that I can use a Bluetooth keyboard with the iPhone 4, but it would be a lot nicer if I could use my A2DP Bluetooth headsets.

Al from Woodstock, IL

Since pre-ordering was a mess I was going to camp out at my local AT&T store to get the iPhone 4. Then AT&T killed that idea so I called Best Buy and Radio Shack trying to find somewhere that would have an iPhone I could wait in line for. I evidently live in the black hole of Apple stores and have driven over 4 hrs to my closest store in Birmingham AL, I live in Fort Walton Beach Fl. The plan was to camp out, after all both my husband and I have our current phones on eBay. When I got here with all my gear to make it through the night I saw this sign. The kicker is that there are even security guards from the outdoor mall here making sure no one congregates. This is just crazy!! Why couldn’t AT&T and Apple get it together on the pre-ordering instead of the nightmare we had to endure and for people like me we are still enduring just to get a phone. I must be crazy to put up with all of this for the crumbs from Steve Jobs’ table but I know next year I will probably go through it all again. Ahhh iPhone the things I go through to have a relationship with you.

The outdoor mall police decided to make everyone leave the parking lot and threatened us with arrest for trespassing if we were on the property at all including the sidewalks next to the street. They then called the police when cars lined up in the turning lane to access the outdoor mall which security had coned off. About a hundred people were there at midnight, I came at 6 and emailed you earlier about this craziness. I am far from home and have no where to go so I am now in a random gas station parking lot hoping that my long drive and over 12 hours of waiting will pay off. Why couldn’t they just get there pre-order system to work.


I keep hearing you guys say that Kindle only supports it’s own format but it supports

AZW, TXT, MOBI, and PRC Plus Word and PDF via emailing the doc.

90% of my books on my Kindle are from Project Gutenburg as PDF or MOBI and they are all awesome.

Plus the Kindle has web browsing (painfully slow but still). Of course now that I have an iPhone, I don’t care about the browsing but before that it was awesome :)

Anyway I just wanted to be clear that Kindle supports all kinds of formats.


Just an FYI -

My boss JUST got her Kindle last week so she was a bit bummed when she heard about the price drop. She called them and they said they’ll refund the price difference.

Tom Risor

Just like with my Harley, if you have to ask why I use Macs, you probably wouldn’t understand.

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