1255 - Hands-on with the iPhone 4
Wednesday, June 23, 2010
Molly Wood, Rafe Needleman & Jason Howell Co-hosts: Kent German

We shall call the iPhone 4 "little smudgy" (because Rafe calls his iPad "big smudgy"). Kent German drops by the show to let us get a look at the shiny new toy that comprises, basically, the first half of our broadcast. Then, though, tune in for an update on the Droid X announcement that happened today, Android app privacy concerns, and Facebook's inexorable cruising toward 1 billion users.

Stories CoveredEdit

First iPhone reviews: great hardware, AT&T still sucks


My precious! It’s scratched!

Best Buy may not have phones June 24,2817,2365547,00.asp


Developers expect iOS and Mac OS to merge over time

Motorola Droid X coming July 2?

Droid X coverage here

Report: A fifth of Android apps expose private data

Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook ‘almost guaranteed’ to reach 1 billion users

Facebook Has Been Massively Underreporting Twitter App Users -- By Over 6 Million

New: Facebook for losers

Google Voice for everyone

A New Entertainment Experience For Bing

Meanwhile, BPI sends Google C&D for linking to music download sites

Today’s featured Buzz Out Loud remix at the end of the show: Jeff Rothman!


Josh from Maryland: iOS 4 broke my 3G


Greetings JaRaMo, (jason, Rafe, Molly)

Open WiFi is not realy like leaving your house door unlocked You don’t have to enter the house to get stuff. Your WiFi router is a radio station broadcating to the public.

It’s more like putting your bank and credit card statements in the recycle bin, and putting the recycle bin on the curb for pickup. If you didn’t shred the papers first, don’t complain when your idenity is stolen.

Love the show,

Henry C

Livonia MI

Hi Molly, Rafe and Jason,

Just thought I’d throw my two cents in the ring concerning the ebook reader war. One point in favor of the Nook, in my opinion, is the ability to read adobe epub books. Many libraries have a very good selection of ebooks that I’m able to borrow and read on my Nook – for free. Personally I think that makes the extra $10 a little easier to take.

Thanks – and Love. The. Show.

Jenny in PA

After The CreditsEdit

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