1251 - Captain Obvious issues a memo
Thursday, June 17, 2010
Kelly Hendricks

From the desk of the big man himself: tablets are gonna be huge. Thanks for that one, boss. Also, iPhone 4 shipments are delayed again, and that doesn't even address the white iPhone 4 issue (where is that thing?). But Android's no help, at least not if you want the HTC Aria, which is all locked down by (you guessed it) AT&T. And in other obvious news, monkeys like TV.

Stories CoveredEdit

iPhone 4 Delayed Again: Now July 14th

White iPhone 4 not available until August?

Still Really Want An iPhone 4? Find $5,000, Head To eBay

DigiTimes: CDMA iPhone 4 in Q4

Privacy groups urge further Facebook changes,2817,2365191,00.asp

Intuit’s Web sites hit by major outage

AT&T locks down Android again with HTC Aria

Browser privacy issue with DROID Incredible and HTC Sense UI widget?

HP partners with Yahoo for targeted ads

Report: tablets to outsell netbooks in two years

AOL sells off Bebo at last

At E3: Wiretape, a super-thin cable you can paint

Disney/Pixar Buys The First Twitter Trending Topic Ad

Scientists find asteroid probe, need can opener

Are your monkeys acting up? Turn on the TV


“Hello Buzz Crew

Rafe, on the Wednesday show you referred to cell phone warnings about touching the antenna. The reason they say that is not to warn of any danger, but in fact to keep you from affecting the signal. The signal is affected more by objects touching the antenna than by objects near. That being said, I have no idea what the deal is with the iPhone 4 antenna placement.

Love the show

Clay the computer geek

St. Louis

also the inverse square law. Millimeters matter

“Hi Buzz Crew,

Does anyone think that AT&T’s authentication servers will work OK next Thursday when the iPhone 4 shipments start to arrive and next Friday when the in-store pickup begins?

Hey ATT, upgrade that 286 running Win NT 3.5 already.

Jim the geek in North Carolina…

PS, Note to current iPhone owners upgrading to iOS4 on Monday, backup (aka sync) and reboot first.

“Hey, buzz crew!

Mike, the IT manager in Waukegan, IL. Quick note about micosoft’s “”upgrade”" office pricing. Home & Student Edition is $149, but for up to 3 PCs, which does net to the $50 sweetspot you were calling for. Just sayin’

From my Palm Pre Plus (Sprint),

- Mike

Also there are academic editions, other ways around the full price

After The CreditsEdit

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