1250 - Sony's special new toy
Wednesday, June 16, 2010
Kelly Hendricks

It has a blue ball on top. And the ball changes colors. And an ergonomic design. Stop us if we've covered this before ... it's the Sony Move and it will rock you. Also, is there such a thing as Strike 4? More importantly, is there such a thing as a transgression so serious that it finally causes Apple to fire AT&T once and for all? Because they've gotta be close.

Stories CoveredEdit

iPhone 4 Order Security Breach Exposes Personal Information, sends orders to wrong people!

AT&T memo: iPhone 3GS, 4 pre-orders temporarily suspended

Even with problems, iPhone 4 pre-orders sell out

Hacker in AT&T-iPad security case arrested on drug charges

Sony at E3: Playstation Move

Verizon plans mysterious June 23 event: Motorola Droid X?

Office 2010: No Upgrade Pricing, No Transfers, No Way!

Twitter at a crossroads once again

Twitter outages: We’re sorry. Deal with it

Flock switches to Chromium

YouTube adds cloud-based video editor

Swype, the Fastest Way to Text, is Coming to Androids

San Francisco Passes Cellphone Radiation Law


Memo (Anonymous: hey, that’s a car!)

James: the 3DS is where it’s at


“RE: The collection of samples from the asteroid.

Have you guys not read or watch The Andromeda Strain This book is all about the collection of samples from an asteroid and when they open it a virus gets out.

sorry Rafe – film already made (it was crap – book was good) Correct. Original film wasn’t bad tho (1971). 2008 remake apparently not so hot.

“Hi, Buzz crew. I’ve got a “”Well, Actually”" for you…

If Disney were to allow services as popular as ESPN3 or ABC News Now to be freely streaming without an agreement with the ISP, it would crash the Internet. If a video stream as popular as The World Cup didn’t have a CDN (Content Distribution Network), all the traffic for each user would have to pass through already busy inter-ISP connections. To work around this, Disney partners with ISPs to send fewer streams to each, and then a Disney-controlled server at strategic points at the ISP network repeat the stream to the individual consumers. That’s the typical use of a CDN… having multiple servers all over the area you’re trying to reach with content relaying the same content, giving the users a faster connection closer to them and saving the inter-ISP connection points from having to relay so much traffic.

So, bringing this back to the XBox Live deal… if ISPs didn’t have this special relay, and ESPN put on popular content like Sunday Night Baseball or World Cup games streaming directly from Bristol to all those users, the Internet users possibly all over New England would see the effects of clogged peering centers. MLB.TV works because they block out local games not just for copyright sake… but also because if they had local games, there’d be a massive number of people canceling cable and watching over the Internet, and that would trigger this same problem. They’re likely using a CDN system too.

CNET Live is likely using a CDN too… but the IT people at CBS Interactive most likely won’t talk on-air about it because giving too much info about that would be like doing an episode called “”Hacks: How to cause a denial of service against!”"


“Hey Buzzers, Great show. I would like to comment briefly on a point that Rafe made during the Libel Issue of episode 1248. I’m not really wading into the entire Libel issue, but I think Rafe said something extremely profound. In essence, he stated that the ability to instantly change the information on the internet allows us to instantly change a part of history. This is a foundational point that George Orwell’s masterpiece 1984 advised society to guard against. He who controls the past, controls the future. Without the physical proof of a fact, the fact becomes a myth which only resides an individual’s mind.

Thanks Rafe, for stirring my thought process.

Love the Show,

Lance Rulau

Shreveport, LA

After The CreditsEdit

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