1248 - AT&T's iPad breach blamestorm
Monday, June 14, 2010
Kelly Hendricks

AT&T continues to perfect the art of apologizing without actually apologizing, wherein Goatse blames them right back. Some sporadic updates from E3 and the Microsoft press conference (see for more), and we discuss whether the Internet has killed yet another industry: libel lawsuits. Oh, and a Japanese rocket just brought some aliens back from outer space. Awesome. --Molly

Stories CoveredEdit

Project Natal gets a name: Kinect

XBox slim?

l made a site that collects all E3-related news

AT&T apologizes for iPad breach

Goatse fires back

Apple relaxes iOS SDK terms to allow Lua but block Flash

Soldier leaked Google attack investigation details, hacker says

Is the Internet killing libel lawsuits?

World Cup pushes Internet traffic to new record

Tabnabbing: Like phishing within browser

Google kills background images

… while Yahoo makes its login page a big ad!

Probe returns to Earth after asteroid landing


“Hi buzz crew,

Just finished episode 1247 and I wanted to pointe out a social game on Facebook that is in reference to Molly’s comments about spending money for virual cheese. The game I speak about is called Mousehunt by a company called Hitgrab and it involves catching mice with virtual cheese. Well after playing the game for almost two years the need to progress in the game is requiring of buying virtual cheese, SuperBrie +. At first I was purchasing this cheese almost every two weeks just to keep up in the game but after sitting down and thinking it over this purchasing of virtual goods was ruining my life, I think I may have lost my last job because of it. Oh well just want to point that out.

Thank you,

Louis from Bradenton, FL

Ps any way you guys will talk about BP and there tech?

“Hey Buzz Crew,

This is bpurcell in Fairfield, CA. I saw a side by side photo of the Evo and the Droid X and was discussing with my wife the benefits of a large screen of our Evo. My 6 year old daughter walks in and asks us if we are talking about Evo and says that Evo’s are bad and need to be destroyed. Both of us stare at her perplexed. She tells us that Generator Rex is the one responsible for protecting us from Evo’s. Sure enough, after looking at Wikipedia, I find out she’s right. It’s a new kid show on Cartoon Network. Here’s what Wiki says:

“”These nanites randomly activate inside their hosts, mutating the subject into a monster known as an E.V.O. (Exponentially Variegated Organism). These Evos are usually mindless creatures that are a danger to everything around them. To combat the Evo threat, the organization known as Providence was created to capture and cure them.”"

For Evo haters, I thought this was good ammunition. You can read further on how to stop the EVO threat here:


BTW, Evo is my first smartphone ever, and I’m totally hooked! Thanks to the CNet reviews for getting me to make the move.

“As a programmer I can understand why the code existed when creating something like that they would have a debug mode were everything gets written to a log file so they could figure out if it didn’t work right during testing. Some idiot likely forgot to take it out of debug mode or figured that date would be useful in the event something broken down. Granted it is always possible that someone did it for a bad purpose but it is more likely someone was being stupid.



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