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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

AOL says it's hiring hundreds of journalists, which they seem to do all the time, and then they're never heard from again ... hmm. In other news today, Pulse seems to have a pulse again, while the New York Times is on life support and doesn't even know it, and we're putting together a little hit list of doomed Twitter-related apps. Oh, and if you pirated the "Hurt Locker" movie, we totally know your IP address.

Stories CoveredEdit

Pulse Has A Pulse Once Again -- It's Already Back In The App Store

Meet the Two Grad Students Who Freaked Out the NYT-The Pulse iPad App Creators Speak!

Did Apple Tell Times to Shove Its App-Takedown Letter? (Updated)

Wait… Apple is putting ads in iphone apps but Safari 5 has feature to remove ads from Web content?

Twitter killing Bitly

Links and Twitter: Length Shouldn't Matter

Twitpic Launches Face Tagging

Google’s new search index Caffeine goes live

Father of webOS notifications leaves for Apple

IP addresses of “Hurt Locker” thieves revealed

AOL to hire “hundreds” of journalists next year to ramp up content divisions

State Department Anxious About Possible Leak of Cables to Wikileaks

Family Terror Over Faulty Genetic Tests

Steak-scented billboard entices drivers

Today's featured Buzz Out Loud remix at the end of the show: Dan Simpson


Kim on ATT not sucking



Am I the only one who thinks that two items from Monday obviously show that the iPhone will be coming to Verizon by the holiday season?

1) AT&T offering the upgrade price to anyone who might be finishing their contract in the next six months (there attempt to get people to re-up before the holidays when the excitement of the new iPhone is the greatest)

2) The fact that the iPhone was not increased in capacity, unlike every previous iteration, and the fact that the iPad does have 64gig. (A perfect small addition that they can make when they launch the new iPhone on VERIZON in November)

Just my thoughts, and the reason that I will wait to re-up.


Heya MoRaJa-ous Crew,

I am amazed that product launch demos are still hampered by WiFi and Internet bandwidth problems as most recently witnessed during Apple’s iPhone 4 keynote.

Perhaps I am over simplifying things, my not being a wireless engineer and all, but why would presentation devices not be connected to a separate, secure WiFi network with an access point right on stage? Maybe even two AP’s with directional antennas focused on the stage? If general Internet bandwidth is the problem, then this WiFi network should be part of a VLAN that is given the highest QOS priority throughout the network. Maybe only big companies like Microsoft, Google, and Apple can afford such a setup – oh, wait.

Event attendees expect to fight over the scraps of public WiFi spectrum and left over bandwidth. There is no rallying cry for Net Neutrality at keynotes (yet?). It sounds silly, then, for the host to blame network issues on the attendees who are simply using the service as provided – most of them on the very devices being presented.

Should you pass this along to the Buzz audience, someone will likely point out just how wrong I am … and that’s okay by me.

Love the show!

Ryan from Castle Rock

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