1233 - Synthetic life is oh so blue
Friday, May 21, 2010

We have synthetic life! Craig Venter's new bacterium is alive and is blue... because that's what it's programmed to be. Also, Google says Happy 30th Birthday Pacman by putting a playable game into the Google banner. Tech support calls ensue.

Stories CoveredEdit

Craig Venter creates synthetic life form

Report: Facebook caught sharing secret data with advertisers

Report: 60 percent of Facebook users considering dumping the service

FCC: AT&T and Verizon control 60 percent of wireless market

Pac-Man is 30

Google logo today is playable pacman game!

Unintended side effect: Some users don’t get it

Google's "Royalty-Free" WebM Video May Not Be Royalty-Free For Long

Steve Jobs: You’ll never get away with it, Google!

Chatville = Facebook + Chatroulette + game mechanics

Duke University Shutting Down Usenet Server,news-6847.html

Today's featured Buzz Out Loud remix at the end of the show: Kevin Chu (Ikcor)!


Kim – We’re MoRaJous


Hey Buzz crew,

Thought you’d be interested in this article: Basically Rafe might want to get an exam as “”standard therapy in the form of standard exercises can be an effective treatment and improve the underlying conditions that may be keeping you from seeing 3D”"

Good luck!

Kevin the Couch Potato Software Engineer

Hi Buzz crew!

In episode 1232 you talked about Google TV and how awesome it could be. While I don’t agree and will be the first to buy one ( google fan boy ), Why do we need this? Whats wrong with a using a TV as a second monitor via HDMI cable from either a laptopor desktop? I watch Hulu and Youtube daily on my 42 inch Panisonic through my desktop and a 15 foot HDMI cable. Just launch chrome and find the video and drag it onto the TV and hit full screen. Done. Most new computers and almost all new laptops have HDMI out so this just seems like an extra box in my already clustered Entertainment center. Anyways LOVE THE SHOW AND LOVE THE NEW MUSIC! Tom who? Rafe you rock!

Andrew Haines Appleton WI

After The CreditsEdit

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