1232 - Declare your porn
Thursday, May 20, 2010

Apparently, Australian border guards can now search your laptops for porn when you enter the country. Um. Ok. As a protest, we suggest everyone flying there just declare that they have porn. Why not? Also, tons of news coming from Google I/O, including the very interesting Google TV and the latest on Android 2.2. Let the waiting begin.

Stories CoveredEdit

Google TV!

Froyo – next android – has OTA download, voice nav, Flash, ads, etc.

Google open-sources vp8

mSpot Introduces Cloud Music Storage Service

Google unveils Net storage utility

Google Launches a Data Prediction API

Twitter releases own iphone app, and it’s pretty good

Ralph de la Vega ‘just laughs’ when asked about AT&T iPhone exclusivity expiration date, says most customers will stay

Apple reverses its no-cash payment policy for iPads

Apple Selling More iPads Than Macs [Digital Daily]

Australia Air Travelers’ Laptops To Be Searched For Porn

Today’s featured Buzz Out Loud remix at the end of the show: Doug Bogatz!


Sam from Salt Lake on printers


Hey Buzzcrew,

On episode 1231 you were pondering possible uses of Google Buzz here’s one use. In preparation for the AP US Government test our teacher, who is very tech forward, set up several Google Waves involving all of the sections for the course. As a final review of the course, we all met at a coffee shop with free Wifi and for several hours created these study notes while the our teacher helped us with areas we were struggling to understand. I thought that this would be a perfect situation in which Google Wave could be used as a live collaborative note taking in not just AP Government but any course in high school or college.


Ian the High School Student

Howdy JaMoRa,

In regards to episode 1231 and the guy who was downloading LOST from iTunes and BitTorrent…

I know you are correct in the fact that what he is doing is technically still illegal, but to flog a dead horse (do you say that in America?), it doesn’t fit with the reality we live in. Based on your argument, being that downloading from iTunes and BitTorrent is just as illegal as downloading from BitTorrent alone, so he may as well save his money and just stick to BitTorrent. These shows are out there, and people will use them. I’m sure the argument could then go that he should just wait the three days for the show to be available legally. But here in Australia, we have to wait 3 weeks for shows to air. I am downloading the current season of LOST from iTunes, but with every cliffhanger ending I hear a voice in my head telling me I could be watching the next episode in an hour from thepiratebay rather than in a week from iTunes (or TV).

So far I’ve been good, but it’s been hard to resist!

Love the show, and I don’t envy Jason for having to pick “”the best”" theme from the amazing ones we’ve heard so far!

Jason in Darwin, Australia

After The CreditsEdit

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