1231 - Seals with frickin' lasers!
Wednesday, May 19, 2010

We wanted Google to announce its set-top box at Google IO today, but what do we get? A new video codec, an app store in Chrome, and (yawn) Google Wave going into open beta. And, oh yeah, homeland security seals (the marine mammals, not the hulky military guys) protecting our harbors.

Stories CoveredEdit

Was hoping for Google TV, got a video codec instead.

Google Wave now open beta

Newest iPhone 4.0 Beta Implies That AT&T Is Finally Ready For Tethering

iPod touch with 2 megapixel camera leaked in Vietnam (video)

HP confirms WebOS will be on slates (and printers!)

Tension Building At Facebook As Staffers Challenge Zuckerberg’s Approach To Privacy

Facebook to Launch "Simplistic" Privacy Choices Soon

Fast and Free Facebook Mobile Access with

Harman and Nokia announce smartphone platform for cars: Joining the fast growing race with GM/OnStar/Google and Ford/Microsoft

Anti-identity-theft huckster has had identity stolen at least 13 times

Sea lions take a swim for Homeland Security training (photos)

Today's featured Buzz Out Loud remix at the end of the show: Eric Pitcher!


steve on google streetview


“Hey Buzz Crew (JaMoRa),

After months of waiting for my Droid Eris 2.1 update, it finally happened over the weekend. After all that wait, I was happy they finally followed through on their promise.

Next day I started to have issues with calls going mute (no sound on either side) in the middle of every other call. The only way to resolve and get it working again was to power cycle (which takes close to 5 min).

After dealing with this for 3 days I went to my VZW store on Market St. in SF. The tech support guy Cregg not only offered to replace my phone, but (as the full retail of the Eris is approx $550) he replaced it with the Droid Incredible (which retails for about the same as the Eris) for no charge!!!

I knew there was a reason for Verizon winning best customer service. They rock!

Love the show! New theme too!

J’Tao in San Francisco @punkboyinsf in the chatroom and twitter

P.S. Good to see you all at the Thirsty Bear meetup and welcome and congrats to Rafe again.

Yo Buzz Crew,

Was just listening to Episode #1229 and you had an email from a guy who believed he had the rights to download (“”illegally”") a copy of a song or album he had previously purchased in it’s archaic CD form.

Before the season began, I bought the season pass to Lost season 6 on iTunes. However, since I live in the UK where Lost airs 3 days after it does in the states, I (“”illegally”") download episodes as they come out after airing in the US – I hardly ever even watch the iTunes version that gets automatically downloaded later that week.

Am I stealing?

Love the show,

- Anonymous although you can totally tell my name is Edd from my email address

After The CreditsEdit

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