1229 - Too stupid even for Paramount
Monday, May 17, 2010

Did Paramount actually issue a DMCA takedown to some people who filmed "Transformers 3" while it was being filmed outside their window!? Well, yeah. But Molly thinks that particular brand of stupidity almost had to be an accident. I mean, come on. Also, Google accidentally (!) collected data from open WiFi hotspots while taking pictures of their houses, which kind of feels like a double whammy. Oh, and it's Rafe's first show in the Tom Chair! We call it: Episode 1.

Stories CoveredEdit

Winner of BOL remix contest: Dan Lueders!!! Check out more of his handywork here!

Happy 5th, YouTube!

Google: Oops, we spied on your WiFi

Gizmodo to Apple: we have nothing to lose

Apple spurred police iPhone probe

Steve Jobs Offers World ‘Freedom From Porn’

Google to turn Nexus One strategy upside down

Palm’s WebOS, intellectual property touched off bidding war

Largest cellphone-cancer study to date clarifies little

Study finds no link in cell phone use, brain tumors

Reading on iPad before bed can affect sleep habits

Transformers takedown original story


Hey Buzz Crew,

I’ve been hearing for years from the RIAA how much money the industry is losing every year from piracy. I’ve also heard from you guys that pirates generally buy more music, and support the industry more. So, I started thinking about my own piracy habits, to find out much I am hurting/helping the system. Honestly, I have pirated only about 150 songs over the years, and I have a collection of about 1200 songs in my library. I went through every single song I own to see which one’s I’ve paid for and which one’s I haven’t. I ended up with ONLY 3 songs in my library, that I have never paid for. How is this? Let me explain. About half of the songs I have pirated are from the 30 albums I had stolen from me 10 years ago (I had a room mate who had thieving friends), so I already bought a license for those songs. The rest (minus the 3 songs) are from music I originally pirated then later bought. So, out of about 150 songs, I owe money to 3 artists. And because I like their music, after I email this, I am going to buy their music legitimately. So SUCK IT RIAA!!! Thanks guys, love the show.



If you guys are curious as to which artist I owe, it’s Bjork, Black Sabbath, and System of a Down.

Hey Buzzlords,

I listen to BOL during my forty minute drive home from work every day, and over the past few months I’ve developed the bad habit of stopping on the way home and buying a certain chocolate bar (it’s not really important which) to eat on during the rest of the journey.

In the weeks before the launch of the iPad I shamefully ate the forbidden chocolate almost every day on the way home while listening to BOL when, due to the constant Apple hype, most of the news was iPad related. I realised one Sunday afternoon when listening to TWiT that whenever I hear people talking about the iPad, I get cravings for that very chocolate bar!

Now I can’t get an iPad because it will almost certainly make me fat! Thanks BOL.

John the Welder from England

After The CreditsEdit

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