1228 - We salute you, Tom Merritt
Friday, May 14, 2010

The Buzz Crew gathers into the small studio to roast and toast Tom on his last episode of Buzz Out Loud. You will be missed by many, sir.

Plenty of roasting

Tom's first segue

Top 5 reasons we will all miss Tom Merritt

Abridged version of Tom's best moments on Buzz Out Loud (check the podcast feed for the uncut version)



Tom Merritt the Doppelganger



The Gridfather


Hi Buzz Crew!

I would like to wish Tom the best of luck with all of his future endeavors after leaving Cnet and BOL. For a while now I have had a Cnet tribute corner set up at my cube and I wanted to send in a picture of it before Tom leaves. I have only been a BOL fan for about a year now, so for me this crew will always be my favorite.

Good luck once again Tom! You will me missed.

Jordan, Phoenix ASUdesigner

Hello Boleros,

I'm sure I'm not the first, or the last, to say you will be greatly missed Tom, but I have to say anyway because it is important to say these things. I once heard Sean Connery say that the weird thing about being famous, is that people run into you on the street and think they know you, but to you they are complete strangers. I feel a similar way with your departure Tom. I, along with many many listeners are complete strangers to you, but it seems that we sort of know you throughout what equates, in my case to roughly 40 days and a thousand or so episodes that I've been following the show. We will miss your funny, quirky spin on technology, the dry humor, the informed patent and net neutrality rants, the arguments with Raif, the -not- singing with BT, and of course the great dupla you make with Molly. It's gonna be a different show, I hope you have great success and from my end I thank you for all the great work and effort on making this a great great show, with consistent high quality on a daily basis.

Best of luck Tom, cheers to you from sunny Mexico, and to Moly and the rest, keep up the great work, I never miss an episode!

From a complete stranger :)


I know, we're all broken up about Tom leaving but you guys seriously whiffed it on the Facebook/ Zynga story.

I mean come on!! Facebook is making their own online currency and NO ONE thought of : Facebucks!

Love the Show

Warren Christiansen Tulsa, Ok

After The CreditsEdit

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