1225 - Drunk on Facebook and email
Tuesday, May 11, 2010

We hear some pretty bad scare stories about Facebook in this episode. Yes, we know, how could they top the ones you've already heard? trust us they do. or maybe one of our emailers was drunk. You decide. We also finally have a decision (maybe) on the great Natali Project Natal bet. You can't miss this episode!

Stories CoveredEdit

Sprint Won’t Sell the Nexus One

Confirmed: Apple and AT&T signed five-year iPhone exclusivity deal — but is it still valid?

Did iPad Data Deal Extend AT&T's iPhone Exclusivity?

Rumor: Landor Associates working on upcoming iPhone campaign for Verizon

Verizon leads carriers in customer satisfaction

Microsoft confirms Natal launch in October (video)

NATAL bet with NATALI – Natali may WIN!!! (first email) – thanks forbidenmaster!!!!

EA Sports to charge $10 to play used games online

Miyamoto: Nintendo Could Charge For Online Gaming

Sorry Zynga, Farmville Needs Facebook

Yelp Security Hole Puts Facebook User Data At Risk, Underscores Problems With 'Instant Personalization'

Firefox 4 release plan: the need for speed ammends their Terms of Service after rant


Anonymous with some points about how HP does things

James from England with a tip on deletion


Hi Buzz Crew,

Jon from The Lake District in England here. Was listening to episode 1221 where you talked about Apple giving Ellen a telling off about her spoof Apple Ad.

It got me thinking about the iPhone’s appearance in the last Sex and the City film. At a crucial moment in the film, Carrie was offered an iPhone to make an important call. She replies “I don’t know how to use this!” and is offered another phone.

I just found this interesting as Natali pointed out in a recent Loaded episode that the next Sex and The City movie will not be using Apple, instead changing to HP branded machines. Apple laptops featured a lot in the series and during the promotion for the last film you could even control a virtual Mac on the Sex and the City website.

I wonder if Apple took offense to the dig at the iPhone in the first film and decided not to be a sponsor in the next..?

I listen to the podcast every day on my drive to work, first time in contacting the show and slightly embarrassed it’s to do with a girlie film. Oh well.

Oh and all the very best to Tom when he leaves the show. You will be missed.



Hey Buzz Crew,

I’m behind several episodes, but I wanted to share something that just happened to me with Facebook. I was logged on and a Facebook pop up asked me to add a back up e-mail. It then gave me a list of options including every single e-mail I have EVER used since signing up for Facebook four years ago. The scary part I never gave it any of those e-mails. (Ok I’ll give it credit one of them is my 2nd school e-mail that I have because my university updated its e-mail services and has a new address after the @, but I still never gave them it). It does have an option of ‘how did you get this?’ and explains that I’ve logged on to those e-mails while logged onto Facebook. This isn’t something they’ve just started tracking either, one of the e-mails listed I haven’t touched for 4 years and I’m not even sure if I logged on to Facebook the one or two times I did check it.

I expect this kind of thing from Google, but not Facebook. We are all aware of Facebook’s friendliness to stalkers but this is going way too far. Facebook is officially stalking me.

Love the Show,

-Nick, the Seriously Freaked Out (Maybe Not For Long) Facebook User

PS. Don’t go Tom Don’t go

After The CreditsEdit

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