1213 - No iPad for you!
Saturday, April 24, 2010

Is this the ultimate early adopter penalty? If you buy more than two iPads to send to your friends overseas or give to your family, you risk a lifetime ban on future purchases? That just can't be right. Also not right: the sweet little child who calls tell us how to get porn on the iPhone. Just upsetting. Plus: Palm deathwatch and Facebook's privacy untangled (er, sort of).

Stories CoveredEdit

Lenovo interested in buying Palm

Palm pledges to survive as an independent

The Facebook backlash has begun

How to opt out of “instant personalization”

Is Facebook planning to take over the Web?

Blippy leaks credit card data??

The cost of 1.5 million facebook accounts

McAfee apologizes for update disaster

Google navigation coming to the iphone

…and DENIED!

New, decades-long cell phone study launches to determine possible cancer link

Gratuitous Joe Jackson link

Air Force launches super-secret space plane; “not sure” when it’s coming back

Lufthansa offers to fly Gray Powell to Munich for free

Apple banning would-be customers from buying more than two iPads … ever?

Sony changes terms of service for PS3

Remix the Buzz out Loud theme!!!


John from L.A.: iPad shipping

Richard: Porn. Oh, god. Porn.


Access to back episodes is nice, but I can’t see paying $10 a month for a Hulu subscription unless they also remove the arbitrary limitation on how you can watch it. If you’re still only allowed to watch it through your browser, I don’t see it succeeding very well. Watching Hulu on your PC is okay if you’re traveling or need to catch up on an episode you missed, but if I’m gonna pay for something like this, it had better be available on many more devices than it is currently. Roku, TiVo, Boxee…are you listening Hulu?

Love da show!

Martin, the Software Engineer

Hey Buzz,

This in regards to the discussion on Thursday’s show about and the various apps they are coming out with. I haven’t used the MLB apps but the NHL online service through the browser is comparable. If you sign up early its $20 a month during the season for any out of market game as long as the game is not on national TV. You also get some of the playoff games, the ones not on NBC or Versus.

In addition, you all the games from the last three seasons, including the current one and including the games that were nationally broadcast. You also get a lot of classic games.

Now if only Americans watched Hockey.


Hi Buzz Crew,

I’m writing regarding the story on Episode 1212 about Capcom DRM on PSN. This is actually something that I hate about the XBox 360 as well. My son and I both play games on our console, but DLC is only available to the account on the machine where the DLC is purchased, which frankly stinks! I pay $60 for one game that we can share, but then the DLC has to be purchased multiple times? Not right.

Thanks. Love the show.



After The CreditsEdit

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