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1202 - Multitasking, iAds ... and Folders!
Thursday, April 8, 2010

In today's episode, we follow the Apple live-stream for earthshattering iPhone OS additions like multitasking (woo!), an interactive ad platform (woo!), and an innovative new app organization structure called ... Folders (WTF?). Also, the UK rushes through a big online piracy law, so that's going to end well, and Google Voice may be coming to the desktop. --Molly

Stories Covered[]

Top Stories[]

Apple takes hours to announce incremental changes

UK Parliament Hurriedly Approves Online Piracy Law

Other Stories[]

Apple reportedly planning a smaller-size iPad for 1Q11, says Digitimes Research

Purported hack brings Linux back to the PS3

Google Testing Google Voice Desktop App Internally

Google Says Mobile Services Now Mostly Accessible in China

Verizon CEO: Studies be damned, US is tops in broadband and other crazy talk

Google Earth Fills In The Blue Parts

Kickers and Science[]

New service aims to improve on Chatroulette


Jay from DC was on the show bomber flight… with his iPad.


Hi Buzz crew.

I wonder about the guy who said the iPad was slow for presentations… FUD perhaps?

Everyone with an iPad can try this for themselves:

1) Get the overpriced Apple iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter

(come on Monoprice, people are waiting for the $10 version)

2) Hook it up to a VGA port in a monitor

3) Launch Keynote and run the sample ‘how to’ presentation.

My iPad ran the presentation full speed.


Put a sample video on the iPad and launch the Video app. Mine ran the video at full speed as well.

Love the show

- Jim the Geek

PS: Developers will have to add some code to use the video out API.

Yesterday, you guys joked about a device that would let you view yourself in the third person as if you were walking around a video game. I'm sure it doesn't really come as a surprise to find out someone has already done that. His name is Marc Owens, an artist interested in the relationships between people and inanimate objects. He built what he calls the Avatar Machine. It consists of a head-mounted display, a harness and a camera. When you put on the harness, the camera sits in a mount above and behind you. The head-mounted display gives you a live video feed of yourself as if you were walking around an MMORPG. In other words, it's a virtual out of body experience. I wrote an article about it a couple of years ago:

And here's a video of it in action:

Love the show!

Jonathan Strickland

Hey Buzz Crew,

I had some thoughts about why Bebo went so very wrong. I think Molly’s prediction could have come true if they hadn’t made the same mistake that Myspace did…they marketed heavily towards teenagers..more specifically 11 and 12 year olds. I’m 14 now, haven’t accessed my account in 3 years, and saw if you go to the site it’s littered with Justin Bieber and Vampires. Thus this site is filled with people around that age. Since it is not marketed for adults, and the privacy settings for minors are not good at all, it has petafile written all over it. Facebook has actually I think done a good job in building a reputation of securing the privacy of minors whereas Myspace and Bebo have done nothing excpet scored horror stories on the evening news. When will social networks learn that marketing towards minors is never a good idea?

~John in Oklahoma

After The Credits[]

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