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1201 - BOB: Big Ole BOL
Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Alternative "Big Ole" titles include "Big Ole Podcast," "Big Ole Bite of Intel's Giant Robotic Hamster," and so on. In the actual news, the Apple-Google war continues into mobile advertising territory, we debate the relative valuation of Foursquare, and Verizon resorts to shamelessly begging for the iPhone.

Stories Covered[]

Top Stories[]

FTC circling the lawyers on Google-AdMob deal

Apple Announces Mobile Ad Plans Thursday, and Google Can't Wait to Tell the FTC

Yahoo considers buying Foursquare for about $100 million

VentureBeat seems to think it’s a rumour ploy to boost investment

Other Stories[]

Verizon CEO speaks of Apple interest

Long delay expected for Intel support of USB 3.0

Apple confirms iPad Wi-Fi issues, suggests fixes

Digg ‘killing’ the DiggBar, unbanning domains

Sony Update Bricks Playstations

AOL Plans to Sell or Shutter $850 Million Bebo Acquisition

Largest Sodium Sulfur Battery Powers a Texas Town

Kickers and Science[]

Videogame Driving Skills Don’t Apply In Real Life


James from Irvine on Google hijacking


Hey, Buzz Crew.

After listening to episode 1200 in which you discussed the trade-off between freedom and usability in current and future tablet devices, I had a thought; wouldn’t a Windows 7 or Linux-based tablet that ran Boxee sit perfectly between freedom and usability? You would still have the freedom to hack and customize the device if you so desired, but Boxee would give you attractive, easy support for web and local video, not to mention Netflix support and scrobbling. What does the Buzz Out Loud Decision Machine think?

Love teh show, continue being awesome.


What’s shakin’ o Buzz Crew,

I was at a conference over the weekend and one of the companies presenting happened to pick up an iPad to try their presentation on. Which, if you think about it sounds really cool, you could carry it around, draw on it, and use the touch screen in interesting ways. Unfortunately, it was so slow and unusable for doing the presentation itself, that they were constantly apologizing for the speed. I spoke with the presenter later that day and they said there already had returned it as it wasn’t able to do what they needed.

I thought others would find this useful.

Phil the Developer from Boston

Hi Buzz

After watching Ep. 1200 yesterday. then going back through all 1199 shows through the night. it has come to my attention that there has never once been a story about Giant Robotic Hamsters on BOL. This is shameful!! So i have added a video to get you started on your extreme lack of Giant Robotic Hamsters Content.

All the Best

The Grumpy Sys Admin


After The Credits[]

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