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1200 - Making the sausage
Tuesday, April 6, 2010

On our 1200th episode, we give you special, unprecedented access inside the inner workings of the show. Or, put more accurately, we screw it up a lot. In the news, what little there is post-iPad hangover, a federal appeals court ruled that the FCC lacks the authority to regulate ISPs, Microsoft's Pink project is a collection of cute words coming out April 12, and it's raining tablets.

Stories Covered[]

Top Stories[]

FCC Loses Appeal to Comcast

Microsoft’s mystery event revealed

Other Stories[]

HP Slate pricing and specs leak: Atom CPU, 1080p video

Nokia aiming a tablet at Apple

Yelp striving to make reviews more transparent

Google Android growth outpacing the industry

Google Chrome cracks 6 percent market share

Blu-Ray goes high capacity


Justin: should Google be monitoring search result?


…and a new generation of tool is born.

So I’m at the gym yesterday, and on one of the mats next to me is a dude who is “stretching” while reading his iPad, which is displaying as prominently as possible, much to the detriment of whatever the workout he was doing was supposed to be, laughing loudly at whatever he was reading on his iPad, then glancing around immediately afterward to ascertain whether anyone was noticing his fabulous new device.

-Keith, New York

Hi all.

I have a giant favor to ask of you. Will you please stop apologizing for the news. I don’t care if it is an Apple story, a Google story, or a story about giant robot hamsters taking over our brains.

I know you get the letters saying you cover certain things too much. To them I say: IT’S THE FREAKING NEWS! Do you think CBS news apologizes for yet another economy story? Not that I’ve ever seen. And that is covered much more than Apple, Google or giant robot hamsters.

I’ve listened since early 2006 and have noticed this getting much worse over the course of the last year or so. I always thought that the point of the show was opinion on what people were talking about in the tech world. If people talk about the iPad, then you to cover it. Seems simple to me. But the constant: “you can fast forward” and “I’m sorry it’s iPad” (to name the most recent example) is getting to be too much.

Thanks for your time,

Eric (the Graphic Designer) from St. Paul, MN

I think we (the Internet) just didn’t even notice this at all… is dead…again!

Mohan P. Ram

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