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1199 - BOL analysts predict 100% chance of iPad talk
Monday, April 5, 2010

We didn't hit you with the iPad talk right off the top, because there's interesting news from Google, iPhone OS news, and a Microsoft mystery event! But eventually, we can't avoid it any more, thanks to an analyst to make fun of and Molly's hands-on review.

Stories Covered[]

Top Stories[]

Google rolls out privacy reset for Buzz social network

Apple to introduce iPhone OS 4.0 Thursday

Microsoft invites us to mystery event, April 12th!

Analyst estimates 700,000 iPads sold Saturday

Apple hilariously contradicts them: 300,000 iPads sold on first day

Other Stories[]

iPad jailbroken in a single day

The iPad’s charging challenge explained

Trouble In Paradise: iPad Users Complain Of Wifi Issues

Suicide queries prompt Google to offer hotline result

Google buys video platform Episodic,2817,2362252,00.asp

Apple May Build a Search Engine to Shield iPhone Data from Google

Ubisoft DRM Causing More Problems


Buzz Crew,

Big fan who loves the show. I am an airline pilot for a major airline (I fly the A-320) that enjoys listening to the tech side of things but never while working of course ;) To shed an airline perspective on the no electronics for takeoffs and landings I thought I would give my two cents.

This is an FAA rule, not an airline rule, don’t confuse the two. Until the FAA says something is OK, the airlines can’t deviate from it. The official reason is along the lines of what you said on the show- one cell phone no big deal, lots of cell phones and laptops, we aren’t so sure, and being so close to the ground lets not take any chances. The interference can’t be recreated a la the Toyota situation.

Another angle to think of is that if something bad is going to happen it will be on takeoff or landing. With a sudden stop your laptop/kindle becomes a projectile flying down the aisle and could hurt someone sitting in front of you. Would everybody had the presence of mind to stow their laptops when it got quite during the Hudson landing? Or with an aborted takeoff, you are talking about high speed to no speed in almost no time. Heavy things flying through the air is no good.

The FAA moves at glacial pace in response to these situations so don’t expect a change anytime soon. Use the time of no electronics to think about your kids or what you need to do when you get home. A couple of minutes of downtime is not that hard to endure. Be thankful that the issue of lithium batteries catching on fire didn’t lead to those batteries being banned from airplanes. It was thought about at the FAA.

Molly, your tech nerd voice is hilarious. A suggestion, make a million dollars and sell it as a ring tone…

Your wannabe aviation guru,


Not sure I quite understand this…

This VDM Publishing is putting up computer generated “books” which are, in reality, nothing more than collections of wikipedia articles. This seems like a ridiculous fraud, right? Well, despite complaints, Amazon hasn’t taken them down yet… what gives?

-Dr. Karl

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