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1196 - Schrodinger's iPad (podcast)
Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We talk a bit about the iPad and Rafe reveals that his iPad is in quantum indeterminacy. He has it reserved but he hasn't paid for it. And he won't know until the last minute whether he's going to buy it. Meanwhile the Google-Apple war heats up on the Flash and the tablet front. And Facebook leaks email all over the place. Ew.

Stories Covered[]

Developer enthusiasm for iPad slackens as Android surges

iPad attracts developers to App Store, distracts from rival markets

Asus: iPad Rivals On The Way

JooJoo not selling all that well

Flash Player To Come Bundled With Google Chrome, New Browser Plugin API Coming

New litigation campaign quietly targets tens of thousands of movie downloaders

Isohunt Ordered to Remove Infringing Content

Facebook Flub Leaks Private E-mail Addresses

Unvarnished: A Clean, Well-Lighted Place For Defamation

US tech coalition calls for new online privacy law

For Vast Majority, Driving and Cell Phones Don’t Mix


Chris the podcaster gets filtered


Hi all,

I just wanted to chime in on the PS3 OtherOS debate with a “well, actually…”. While removing an advertised feature is disappointing (imagine Geoff Levand’s disappointment – as the Sony employee responsible for leading PS3 Linux support, he was just transferred to another part of the company), the issue isn’t necessarily “security” but piracy.

One of the people responsible for hacking the iPhone recently hacked the PS3 through OtherOS to allow extremely low level Hypervisor access:

While no one has figured out a way to exploit this in order to play pirated PS3 games, it’s almost inevitable that piracy will become a problem. There are legitimate reasons to mod a device (I play Japanese games on my American Wii), but piracy is still the major reason why people choose to mod 360s, Wiis and PSPs and other devices and I find it understandable that Sony would want to protect the integrity of their platform.

When Nintendo and Microsoft brick consoles in order to stop piracy, everyone applauds their efforts and understands the need to stop people from stealing games. Why can’t Sony get the same benefit of doubt?

And on another note – if you ARE a scientist using Linux on a PS3 to crunch numbers, I would assuming that you are not watching Blu-Rays or playing Uncharted 2 while doing your research?

Thanks for the last five years and here’s hoping for many more,

Allen Kwan

Hey Buzz Crew,

Is it just me or do cords just get them selfs tangled up. Cause I will leave some headphones out overnight and by the morning the headphones will be all tangled up. It even happens in a 20 min period! Are there cord fairies? Is there a bio chemical in them that makes them alive? I don’t know but I would love to know if this happens to you guys.


Dear Buzz Out Loud,

I would just like to say that Alex is not the only one who has been listening since day one! I have also been listening since day one! I even used to archive every single episodes of Buzz Out Loud on DVDs... until I got lazy. I remember the days when Veronica never used to say anything and Tom/Molly would come online just to say there’s not much to talk about today and the show would last only 5 minutes.

I know I have never emailed and that’s why you guys don’t know that I am out there… *cries a little, feeling slightly unloved*

But I still love you guys,

Tina from Toronto

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