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1195 - Five years. You're welcome, tech world.
Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's our five-year anniversary today, and wow, is that a long time. We've been here longer than the iPhone (rumors of a Verizon phone announced in June), almost as long as it took the U.S. House to ask the FTC to investigate Google Buzz, and about how long it will take Verizon to actually deliver the Android 2.1 rollout to Droid users.

Stories Covered[]

Two new iPhones coming: one for Verizon

House asks FTC to investigate Google Buzz

Chinese censors disable Google searches

Verizon begins Android 2.1 update rollout for Motorola Droid

Android Froyo (?) to take serious shot at stemming platform fragmentation

ESPN 3D coming to DirecTV in June

Film studios win Usenet download case

NASA to look into Toyota acceleration issues

Magnets ‘can modify our morality’

Cern LHC sees high-energy success


Anonymous on the reality of gamma rays


Dear BOL,

In the BSG webisode The Face of the Enemy, Lt. Gaeta is onboard a Raptor that is separated from the fleet when a comic ray flips a bit in the FTL drive. All this has happened before and will happen again.

[love the show]*

Grant from Montreal

  • robot voice

Hi Buzz Crew,

After hearing about the new PS3 firmware removing the ability to install Linux on my older model PS3, I was infuriated. I even found an entire FAQ page about it on the Playstation website:

While I haven’t (yet) installed Linux on my PS3, the ability to do so was one of the reasons I liked having an original model PS3, which is now needlessly being neutered. At the rate they’re going, I’m sure it won’t be long before they disable the reverse compatibility features of the older PS3’s as well for some fabricated “security” reason.

It is time to tell SONY to change their slogan for the PS3 to this:


  • ”Everything” does not necessarily include all features we originally touted in order to get you to go out and buy a PS3 when it was first released, including, but not limited to, installation of Linux and reverse compatibility with PS1/PS2 game discs.




A friend pointed out that Apple released the iPad Video Tour recently (today I believe.)

Upon watching it, I noticed that EVERY frickin person has their legs/feet up on a table. Does Apple’s EULA require iPad users to kick their feet up?

Does this strike anyone as odd? or just bad directing?

Anyway… love the show!


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