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1194 - Pee2Pee
Monday, March 29, 2010

The show's a pretty well-controlled train wreck right up until we start talking about the underwear that texts when it's, um, moist. No, you're not listening to the 404 (or Gadgettes), it's actually Buzz Out Loud. In real news (if you will), the first week's worth of iPads have apparently sold out and actual competition is coming to the wireless space ... around 2011. Also, cosmic rays are making your car go fast. No, really.

Stories Covered[]

Apple runs out of first week’s worth of iPads, now pushed back to April 12th. In-store pickup option removed.

Apple Confirms: iPad On Sale In "Most" Best Buy Stores On April 3, From 9 AM

Morgan Stanley: Apple will ship 8 to 10 million iPads this year

Rumor: ‘iAd’ mobile ad platform is Apple’s next big thing

PE Firm Plans Open LTE Network to Challenge AT&T and Verizon

Facebook privacy changes would share user data with other sites

Older PS3s losing ‘install other OS’ option in Thursday’s firmware 3.21 update

French pirates ‘dodge’ tough laws

Do Car Safety Problems Come From Outer Space?

Ring tone therapy’ sweeping mobile phone-mad Japan

Underwear that texts when it’s wet


Brian from Las Vegas with brilliant scheme for credit cards



So it isn't just our own dirty human minds that think of Xfinity in the p*rn way, it looks like my work internet filter also does. This is the message I receive when going to's web site: Based on your corporate access policies, access to this web site ( ) has been blocked because the web category “Adult/Sexually Explicit” is not allowed. Nice, now my IT guys here at work think I'm a perv, not just a lazy worker goofing off.

Thank & Keep up the good work.



Finally, something I have knowledge about, letting me give back for the hundreds and hundreds of hours of entertainment and news. The subject? Text messages.

Sending SMS (and even MMS) messages for free is incredibly easy. Since you’re on Verizon, Molly and Jason (yay Droid!), all you have to do is send an email to (replacing 1234567890 with the 10 digit phone number). To send MMS, it’s just

Each carrier has a different domain (,, etc.), so in theory you could write a very simple script that just goes sequentially through all phone number and send them to the half dozen or so carriers and spam the hell out of the airwaves.

Show the Love! Love the Show!

-John Brown from P-town (Portland, OR)

If that’s bad, imagine this scenario:

Sprint offers a femtocell that also uses your broadband to get the service you’re paying for.

A: You must buy it in a sprint store, you cannot order it from them directly. It costs $99.

B: You must agree to pay a $5 a month on top of what you are already paying to get said service that you’re paying for, for the privilege of having said service you’re paying for to work in your house using this device.

Check out the link to get even more enraged on how they also offer a $10 a month fee to get unlimited calling over the airave unit (what they call their femtocell) using your broadband service to make phone calls on said service you’re paying for.

After The Credits[]

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