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1191 - The ethical standards of GoDaddy
Wednesday, March 24, 2010

On today's show, there's tech news, but there's also the new Sprint Evo 4G, and that's kind of all we can think about. Its big 4-inch screen, its two cameras, its kickstand. Sigh. It's my new boo. Also, though, some stuff about Google, the full text of ACTA is leaked, we have a winner in the Apple vs. Predator video contest, and holy crap, did you see that Evo?

Stories Covered[]

Google co-founder Sergey Brin urges US to act over China web censorship

Chinese web users boycott Google

Has Google been hacked? Corporate site sends users to China

Complete ACTA text finally leaked

Sprint 4G phone is fracking awesome

Fox Mobile Offers Hulu-like Subscription Service for Smartphones

Blockbuster To Get New Warner Bros DVDs Four Weeks Before Netflix/Redbox

EU court: Google not liable for AdWord counterfeits

Microsoft: Want to Learn About Our Secret Tablet? Read Engadget.

Airport device follows fliers’ phones

Cablevision to offer 3D programming

Does This Headline Know You’re Reading It?


John from Canada Can Opera Mini save you money?


Hi Molly, Jason, Tom, et al,

Here is your requested “Apple vs. Predator” trailer, it’s short and to the point.

You might also enjoy – Doctor Who – Trek Through Time



Hey Buzz Crew,

You have been talking about Opera submitting their browser for the iPhone and how this will likely be rejected as “duplicating functionality”. If I were Opera, I would try to submit my browser for the iPhone as well. If Apple rejects it, why not take it up with the EU? They are already making Microsoft implement a way to select the default browser upon install even though you can download and use ANY browser after you already have ie. I’m sure Apple would be thrilled about doing something similar with their beloved iPhone…

Love the show,

Brad the Minneapolis Programmer

So I was watching the tv, and I saw that iPad commercial, u know, the one from the Oscars? Well anyways, I grabbed my iPod and “tried” to google it, but every time I did it would “auto correct” it to upas. Wow, even apple’s own iPod thinks iPad isn’t a good name. Upas upas upas!!!!


Houston of ze Texas

Hi Buzz Crew –

It is unconscionable the way Best Buy preys on consumers (who do not know better) with useless services. This latest example is priceless: Geek Squad will “sync your 3D glasses for you”, which is required because… well… just read the quotes:

“Blue shirt one said the glasses need to be synced with the Blu-ray player. The second geek referred to the 3D glasses needing to sync to the player via the USB port within the glasses, an impossible feat as there is no USB port on the glasses. The third stated the need to acquire the glasses’ IP address to sync with the Blu-ray player. There is no IP address for 3D glasses; they have no connectivity to the Internet.” – From Best Buy as quoted on HDGuru

To be fair, Best Buy has responded (2nd link below) that this is more of a clarification for people who don’t know that syncing doesn’t need to happen. HUH??? So, you know, it would be perfectly ok to advertise Geek Squad computer fixing services as “re-modulating the phase transducers with Windows”. Which means they tell the consumer that there are no transducers… just in case they were wondering.

Original story: -service-for-3d-televisions.html

Update with response from BB: y-sync-service-for-3d-glasses.html



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