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1189 - Slide to explode
Monday, March 22, 2010

Google and China's war heats up a bit. Amazon is apparently not going to war against the iPad. But the most compelling news of the day? Swipe to unlock existed long before Apple ever thought of it. It involved Aliens. And Predators. And self-destruction.

Stories Covered[]

Chinese Media: Google Is Tied to U.S. Intelligence

And China could care less about a Google pull out

UK announces online site for all government tasks for each voter

Amazon will release Kindle for iPad

Nintendo wants to be an educational company;_ylt=AjCs22HB8nNL4BnXONVAyyZ0fNdF

AT&T to get Palm Pre, Pixi, and Dell Aero

Microsoft pulls Bing out of overseas app stores

Microsoft’s browser loses market share in Europe does not sell

Ben Folds Performs Live on Chatroulette at Charlotte Concert

3D invisibility cloak


Jon the video editor on the Intel/Sony/Google box

Clayton from Oklahoma has prior art on swipe to unlock


Received this in my email tonight, and I thought it might interest you given all the talk a while ago about Comcast’s 250gb cap and the lack of any way for people to know when they’re approaching it. They have finally released a usage meter. – Bob

Dear Comcast High-Speed Internet Customer,

We are pleased to announce the pilot launch of the Comcast Usage Meter in your area. This new feature is available to Comcast High-Speed Internet customers and provides an easy way to check total monthly household high-speed Internet data usage at any time. Monthly data usage is the amount of data, such as images, movies, photos, videos, and other files that customers send, receive, download or upload each month. Comcast measures total data usage and does not monitor specific customer activities to determine data usage.

The current data usage allowance for the Comcast High-Speed Internet service is 250GB per month. This means that the vast majority of our customers - around 99% currently - will not come close to using 250GB of data in a month, and do not need to check the usage meter.

To view your current data usage, please visit and sign in to customerCentral (shown below).

Hello BOL,

I am compelled to write in reference to your ongoing discussion of Apple VS Cases.

I like my iPhone protective covering. I do not want a bulky plastic or silicon case. I need a film that protects the plastic 3G enclosure and ensures a good grip without adding bulk or weight to my iPhone. I have dropped my phone on several unmentionable occasions and I credit a thin plastic like shield for my un-interrupted use of the device. The original film has been in use for over 18 months and has not peeled off or become unsightly.

That’s my two Penny’s,

Kevlar from P-Town!

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