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1188 - A bunker and chains...for your iPad
Friday, March 19, 2010
Lynn Fu

Turns out, according to some developers, that the only way to get your hands on a prereleased iPad is to build it a special sealed bunker of its very own, with darkened windows and a chain so it can't get up and walk away on you. People, we are NOT making this up. Also, we dish the dish on Viacom vs. YouTube; get a good, long look at Windows Phone 7; and yeah, Molly's mad about the Android 2.1 delay. No surprise.

Stories Covered[]

Accusations fly in Viacom vs. YouTube

Google may pull out of China on April 10

Windows Phone 7 emulator unlocked

Apple racing to secure iPad deals ahead of launch

Apple Swears iPad Partners to Secrecy

Verizon delays Android 2.1 rollout to Motorola Droid

Palm CEO says Pre, Pixi, could have outsold Droid on Verizon

Palm sales plunge 29 percent

Pay to play: some iPhone app sites demand payment for reviews

LHC smashes energy records again

An augmented reality windshield from GM


Hi Buzz Crew –

Tom, in Episode 1187, you and Donald were trying to discern why Amazon and Apple seem so buddy-buddy about putting the Kindle reader and store in the iPad when it seems like the iPad is essentially a Kindle competitor. It occurred to me that Amazon may have concluded that developing and supporting hardware is not their core business – selling books is. They’ve done a good job of creating the appetite for their e-book product – which could not have been done without the Kindle device. The next step in their strategy may be to let Apple (and other hardware manufacturers) take over the device side while they focus on their core business. While Kindle fans may not be thrilled about this, the reality is that a choice between a single use Kindle or a multi-use iPad – at relatively similar price points – is going to go to the iPad and its competitors. To be honest, it is unlikely that Amazon could keep up technologically with Sony, Apple, and others in this market, seeing as other hardware companies (like Dell) can’t even do that. The Kindle device days are numbered, I think… but not its functionality.

Love the show!

Ron in Solvang

Today I used Facebook instead of Google to find information. I wanted to know what time my college team played in the NCAA tournament. Previously, I would google WVU basketball schedule. Today, since I am a fan of WVU sports on Facebook, I went to my Facebook page, found the latest post by WVU sports. The time & place of the game was listed. In addition there was a link to an article that had info about a pep rally, meet & greet & other activities if you are actually in Buffalo attending the game.

Facebook wins!

Susan the VA school tech

Hey Buzz Crew,

I’m wondering if some of Apple’s reasoning for removing film screen protectors from their stores has to do with film’s adhesive possibly damaging the oleophobic coating on the Apple touch devices. Just a thought.

Alan in McKinney, TX

After The Credits[]

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