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1186 - Free chickens for all
Wednesday, March 17, 2010

If 3D is the chicken and the Avatar DVD is the egg, somehow we should all get free chickens or 3D is DOA. Or something like that. We've all still got a bit of a BBQ hangover from our time in Austin, but at least Rafe's here to make a little sense. Oh, wait, he came up with the 3D chicken thing. Anyway, Facebook rules the Web, IE 9 may or may not embrace actual standards, and Droid users are getting 2.1, finally. We're home.

Stories Covered[]

Microsoft modernizes Web ambitions with IE9

It’s Official: Facebook Rules the Web

Other Stories

Twitter’s @anywhere could prove risky for users

Windows Phone 7 Series won’t have copy and paste

Verizon posts Android 2.1 upgrade details for Droid

Nexus One now available for AT&T/Rogers

.canon: Canon wants to establish its own top-level domain

Spotify will launch in the US this year

AT&T introduces automatic ZERO charger to reduce wasted energy

Using keyboard bacteria as a (not quite) unique ID


Dear BOL,

Seen this article and thought I would pass it along. Fox to mine “Avatar” DVD release three times

Now if I read between the lines here I think what Fox is trying to say is that while there might be a few people that have 3D TV out there, there will not be enough to justify making a bunch of DVD with the 3D version on it.

Which in that case in November when the THIRD release date comes around, maybe it will not happen?

Which mean 3D TV is dead before it even gets started, If I'm not mistaken you get more people interested in a new product or technology by putting popular current content into that form.

Any why just wanted to get your thoughts, or give you more fuel for the fire.


Toadie from Indiana

Hey Buzz Crew,

I just thought I'd write to thank you guys for being perfect easter egg/cameo material.

Every year, we here at the University of Utah law school stage a big counter-terrorism simulation. It gets bigger every year–this year we're working together with Utah government officials, local news, and even the National Defense University. Essentially, 19 students are given official roles to play as they fight to save the U.S. and the world from global crisis.

Students get their simulated news about world events from our fake "UNN" news site, and while in the past we've left most of it blank, this year we've upped the realism by populating it with real (and real-ish) news ahead of time so the students playing simulated government response roles will feel more like they're in the middle of the action right from the start. And what better stuff to fill the technology and opinion sections with than BOL, a resurrection of Spectaclefest, and links to Molly Rants?

Who knows, maybe we'll connect with some other closet BOL fans in the area afterward? You can check out UNN at and more on the simulation itself at

It officially kicks off on the 19th, but students should be looking at it ahead of time already. We'll open up viewer pre-show chat on the 15th, too. (

Also (and this is my second reason for emailing you) if CNET high command wishes us not to include any of this, please let me know. Thanks!

Love. The. Show.

Aaron from University of Utah Law


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