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1185 - I can haz peace?
Monday, March 15, 2010

Veronica Belmont and Ben Huh join us on stage to talk about the brewing war between Apple and Google, pay walls on the web... and we also wage tiny cute little wars on each other as well.

Stories Covered[]

Gowalla Tops Foursquare at SXSW Web Awards (But Benson Smokes 'em All)

Google admits Buzz mistakes, tries again at SXSW

Web guru Tim Bray takes Google Android job

…blogs about wanting to kill the iPhone

Google Product Manager RJ Pittman Defects To Apple

HTC shipping CDMA-version Nexus One to Verizon, says paper

Pew: readers prefer ad-supported news to pay walls

U.S. Broadband Plan details are out

…who hates it?,2817,2361361,00.asp

Kickers and Science

Systems engineer deemed best job in America

Rock Band Network Is Live


Hey all

Bob from VA here

I work as a server in a restaurant in Richmond, VA. I see all kinds of tech all the time. I see Iphones every once in a while. I saw a Kindle the other day, but one thing I see every day multiple times a day is the Droid. I counted today and I saw 4 different guests with them.

Next random thought: Opera whined enough to get the browser ballet into Windows, so they may be the ones up to challenging Apples app store rules.

Sounds like I am bashing Apple a bit here, but I have a touch and love it. Now I’m off to play Plants vs Zombies on it. Since your done reading this you should do the same.


First I must say, I am not an Opera fanboy, and I apologize if I am one of many who points this out.

Apple contacted Opera Software when they first announced Opera Mini for the iPhone. (Translated by GoogleTranslate) This does not nessisarily mean it will get approved, but how many developers receeves a phone call from Apple.

The technical difference with Opera Mini and a real webbrowser might be enought to get safely through the review process. When a page is loaded in Opera Mini it goes through servers where it is rendered and compressed. Your phone receeves a binary blob which is renderd by the phone. From the endusers perspective there is no difference though. So webrendering is not done on the phone but operas servers.

Website — (HTML/CSS/JS etc.) —> Opera servers, rendering and compression — (Small Binary Blob) —> your ISP — (Small Binary Blob) —> Mobile nettwork — (Small Binary Blob) —> Your phone

This means you can not have a direct encrypted connection with a website though, So you should not use this with your bank. Though it does reduce the data sendt over the carrier nettwork. (Not everyone has an all you can eat data plan.)

Opera Mini should not be confused with Opera Mobile, a real webbrowser, which will probably never get approved.

Love the show

Dan, from Norway

Hi buzz crew,

I heart you (geekey voice).

Regarding Pink Floyd: What a bunch of whiners! Why don’t they just release the album as two large tracks like Mike Olefeild did for Tubular Bells (many years ago) or BT did for his latest album ( this year – ‘These hopeful machines’).

Your loyal minion, in Napa

Tony Vertrees

After The Credits[]

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