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1184 - Warning: BOL may result in loss of toe
Sunday, March 14, 2010

Today's BOL happened before a live studio audience at SXSW in Austin, TX. Cali Lewis and Nicole Lee joined us on stage to discuss the state of SXSW Interactive, the on-going Google/China kerfuffle, and pharmaceutical companies' struggles to fit the risks of drugs into a Twitter-friendly 140 characters. Also, Cali Lewis nearly loses a toe.... um, sorry?

Stories Covered[]

Digg 2.0 unveiled at SXSW: “faster,” “instant”

AT&T’s network up to SXSW iPhone onslaught

Google to shut China search engine

iPhone browsing could be faster with Opera — if Apple approves

Day 1 estimate: 120,000 iPads sold

Apple’s iPad battery replacement policy: baby out with the bathwater

Privacy concerns derail Netflix contest to pay up to 9.5 million in “phantom friends” lawsuit

Pharma faces a character count conundrum

#OMGConan: The big Digg party Twitter hoax


Hey guys,

Remember a while back you guys reported about an online community built car where people got to vote on the design and the stuff that went into it?

It was featured on the cover of Wired magazine… yeah you guys probably forgot.

But that’s ok… the company Local-Motors. ( ) is going to be there in Austin during SXSW with that specific car.

It’s called the Rally Fighter and yes it’s probably –if you allow me to use a Gadgettes’ term– a Gender Gap. It looks amazing! A forrealzzz Hotwheels!! lol

Here’s a link to their tour page.

Sorry for the long email.

Have fun and love the show,


World’s oldest whiskey goes on sale in Scotland — This is maybe more for Tom and Cooley, but I give it my vote for the CNET Christmas party or next big BOL milestone. Oh, and even though you’re probably already there and getting this after the fact, I’m looking forward to seeing all of you at the SXSW meetup tomorrow night. Good luck, safe travel and have fun!

Chad Ford

Hey Buzz Crew!

I have been a listener for a long time, and recently with the increased talk about ACTA, I have decided to do something about it. What can a nobody like me do to stop this treaty, you ask? Why, create a Facebook group of course! The link is here: .

I think the biggest problem here is not enough people know what ACTA is. I think that a Facebook group might just help with that.

Lets fight this thing by spreading the word.

Love the show,

Matt Weber Portland, Mi

P.S. Who is Pink Floyd?

After The Credits[]

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