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1182 - Where we're going, we don't need rails
Wednesday, March 10, 2010

We've utterly given up the concept of "on-topic" today, as talk of Apple's Developer License Agreement suddenly turns into a conversation about patent law and nuclear arsenals and our one voicemail is a dirty anagram. What happened!? Also, some bad words.

Stories Covered[]

Facebook to allow users to share location

… And so does Twitter

Veil Lifts Slightly on Apple’s Secret Plan to Control the Universe

LHC to be shut down for a year for repairs (thanks, Todd!)

US Considers Some Free Wireless Broadband Service

Pink Floyd Take EMI To Court Over Online Royalties, Unbundling

Sony signs up all six major studios for HD movies on PlayStation Network

Mobile that allows bosses to snoop on staff developed

Google Maps gets bike routing

Study Shows TV Makes Kids Fat, Computers Don’t


Dan on Spiro Agnew


This is Fr. Robert Ballecer, SJ from Washington DC. (PadreSJ in the chatroom)

In episode 1181 (@ 3:29) Brian Cooley poo poos the introduction the Cisco CRS-3, saying “They do all this assuming the entire Internet is populated with these. I mean they forget this is the fastest thing on the Internet and the Internet runs as slow as the slowest gateway on the Internet. So until this hardware propagates everywhere this will be sitting around drumming its fingers like a bunch of older hardware.”

(Please have Molly read this in her Nerd voice — for this is most certainly nerdy)

While the “weakest link” analogy is most often the case when speaking of advancements in IT, where the technology will only work as fast as its slowest component, it isn’t true in a case of this scale. It helps to think of an ISP as an outwardly concentric network comprised of the “core” (the center) and “edge” (the part of the network that actually connects to customers.) — The edge networks have been fast enough for years, with most user’s bandwidth needs not scraping the sides of a even a 10 Megabit connection to the ISP. However, as you get closer to the core all those millions of 10 Megabit connections quickly overwhelm (oversubscribe) the core router. With the Cisco announcement of the CRS-3, an ISP could now serve 3,220,000 customers with a 100 Megabit link without oversubscribing and WITHOUT DEPLOYING THEM EVERYWHERE. Put a few of these in key places in the core, and bip-bam-boom, you’ve got yourself a next-gen network capable of downloading every episode of BOL directly into the brains of our future army of Cylon babies.

More to the point, as long as there are at least two of these deployed in an Enterprise or ISP-class network, they will never be “drumming their fingers.”


Fr. Robert

Hi buzz crew here is a story I found over at Engadget

JET PACKS! The future is here!

I’ve been a listener since Molly announced our first Cylon overlord, and I bow down to Jason and his little Cylon addition.

Keep on buzzing.

Alex, Middle Georgia

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