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1175 - But I don't WANNA Twitter!
Monday, March 1, 2010

New music stars are finally being told to social network buy the record labels and now they're throwing a fit. Benito thinks they're just being all rock and roll and disrespecting authority. We also discover buttocks meatloaf. Don't ask. And we talk about Apple's child labor problems and Sony's PS3 glitches. Tomorrow Molly is back and Jason too!

Stories Covered[]

Top Stories[]

Apple: Underage Workers May Have Built Your iPhone

Mysterious glitch renders PlayStation 3 units inoperable

Internet changes news consumption landscape

Other Stories[]

Microsoft: "No Windows Phone 7 upgrade for Windows Mobile 6.x devices"

Ubuntu 10.04 supports iPhone and iPod Touch out-of-the-box

Cond? Nast Is Preparing iPad Versions of Some of Its Top Magazines

Mags To Their Digital Units: Drop Dead

EU moves to prevent ’shock’ mobile internet bills

8-Year Fan-Made Game Project Shut Down By Activision

Kickers and Science[]

New music acts to labels: ‘We won’t tweet’


Ted the Teacher on why he doesn’t like Pandora head unit

Chris in Austin on the tanker captain controversy


Hi Tom:

Now here’s a 3D TV technology I think I could love… “flying copter- pixel” displays. I’m not a very big fan of the current 3D technologies (glasses mandatory), but this might change my views if it ever becomes a viable technology and ready for the marketplace. It brings to mind 3D Star Wars chess boards. I would love to hear your thoughts & comments on it. Keep up the great work on your webcast … it’s great to see Molly back on the show!



So I’m sure you guys have gotten a lot of responses to Beja’s email -

If I buy a table from Target, I can put whatever I want on that table - I’m not locked down to only using Target sold paper, eating meals on it made only with Target sold food, decorating it with only a Target sold center piece.

The reason the Apple lockdown of apps makes me uncomfortable is that an operating system is a platform. I should be able to use that platform however I want if I really own it. I don’t purchase Apple because they make it very clear that the platform isn’t mine – It’s Apple’s.


The Linux hippie in Evanston, IL

Hi Buzz Crew,

On episode 1172, Molly said she would spend some time figuring out what patent she would get on a shirt from Braindex. My suggestion would be US Patent #6360693. It is a patent for an ‘animal toy’ that looks very much like what most of us would call a stick (see Figure 1 in the attached pdf copy). I love the part that suggests that it could be made from wood and built to float in water. It is not very high tech but I wish I would have thought of it…

Love the show

Dave the LTE engineer

After The Credits[]

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