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1174 - Pregnant robot drones
Friday, February 26, 2010

In and amongst our fights over Facebook patents, TV spectrum and the reasons for the decline of music, we find time to agree on one thing. Robot drones are cool. Robot drobnes that carry little baby drones with them are even cooler.

Stories Covered[]

Top Stories[]

Facebook Granted Patent on the News Feed – This Could Be Very Big

Other Stories[]

Bug causes Facebook messages to misfire

FriendFeed Goes Down Hard. Both Remaining Users Pissed.

Microsoft drops Cryptome ’spy’ document fight

NPD Group: U.S. Record Industry Lost 24 Million Customers Over Two Years

Half of iPhone users buy at least an app a month

Plants vs. Zombies lands iPhone game sales record

A New Zelda for Wii in Second Half of 2010?

Kickers and Science[]

Know your flying robot drones

Erykah Badu gets sample clearance from Paul McCartney through twitter


John from Canada on fuel cell

John the video editor


Hello Buzz Crew

The EU wants Google to warn people before they make their street view pictures. This is going to back fire. We have already seen numerous examples of how people do many wonderful, weird and wacky things just to pose for the Google camera vehicle when they know it is coming. If you warn them it’s coming, this practice will only get worse…. or is it better? – David

Hey guys,

I understand that Apple’s strict choices in the App Store are upsetting, but I’d like to submit a question: why should that store be treated differently from any other physical store? You don’t expect Wallmart or Best Buy to stock every single product that comes to the market, right? You don’t get upset because they don’t stock every “Wobble Boobs Bobble Chest” latex toy. Even if it’s about shelf space, you don’t think that Amazon should reference all the products in existence… And I don’t think you sternly warn Target against the woes and dangers of censorship if they decide to take some products off the shelves because of this or that reason… It’s their store, they want to create a certain atmosphere for their customers, and if they don’t want to carry a certain item that they deem offensive of even just not appropriate for them, they can do that. So why should Apple be treated differently? If we don’t like their choices, it’s up to us (or up to Android) to create a different store that’ll have more stuff… Any merit to that argument?

Ok, just to be clear: I’m fairly certain I’m wrong, I just want Molly to tell me why. :)


Patrick Beja

Hi Buzz Crew,

Long time Aussie listener, got a story you may be interested in. As you may be aware, the Australian government have proposed a mandatory internet filter to “protect” Australians from content the government determines is inappropriate. Well recently Senator Conroy (Australian Broadband Minister) has been caught out censoring his own site by implementing some code in his tag cloud to not display the term “ISP Filtering” to visitors. It’s good to know our government are unlikely to filter out content for political purposes ;) Great job with the show guys, welcome back Molly!


Aaron from Perth.,2001149271,339301360,00.htm

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