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1172 - All tanker captains need a sextant
Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Talk about a sentence custom-designed to send a chat room off the rails. But the actual topic of discussion was the massive insecurity of the global GPS network, which is totally susceptible to sat-nav jamming. Also, Apple continues to suffer under its terrible, self-imposed burden of censorship, and we are ALL GOING TO DIE FROM THE INTERNET! --Molly

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Google under investigation for alleged breach of EU competitionrules

Google bosses convicted in Italy

Other Stories[]

Apple Quietly Reinstates Banned Bikini Shopping App

Apple Adds ‘Explicit’ Category for New App Store Submissions

YouTube removes original “Rickroll” video due to terms of use violation

AT&T Roars Back in PCWorld's Second 3G Wireless Performance Test

Twitter users face higher insurance premiums (thanks, Patrick)

Sat-nav systems under increasing threat from ‘jammers’

Viewers get a channel of their own on Cablevision

Experts warn of catastrophe from cyberattacks

Mini Countryman to be first production car with internet streaming radio?


Dwight on a shocking Verizon store story

Sean NBC gets in trouble with NBC over the olympics


Just listened to show 1171 and was wondering if the people doing the survey on buying broadband asked if the people they surveyed currently have internet access through other means?

For instance, I don’t have broadband because I “can’t afford it” but I use wifi on my netbook at coffee shops, libraries, and friends’ houses for free… thus making nearly any broadband price “too expensive” in comparison.

Figured this might add another angle to the discussion.

- Spencer

The folks at Geek Filter have immortalized yesterdays Wobble iBoobs conversation in ring tone form

Hi Gang,

In my post USA over Canada fervor I punched “RYAN MILLER USA” into the old Google Search bar and hit the shopping tab. Most of the hits that came up were for premiere goalie extraordinaire Ryan Miller, but one shirt was for this:

A t-shirt of a patent made by some guy with the name Ryan Miller. Apparently this website, makes shirts based on patents. Actually not just shirts-they’ll make mouse pads and mugs and whatever you want-all with the patent as the design.

I am in no way trying to do a commercial for this web site, but I have got to think that a good number BOL fans (and probably a fair number of hosts) could find something on here they wanted to buy.

File this under “how great is that??” Too bad I can’t get some trademark registrations like this…but that would kind of defeat the point of trademark.


Take care!


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