1166 - What's in Veronica's closet?
Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Spoiler: it's Veronica! Also, gambling prostitutes. Ms. Belmont joins us today to talk about Google's abject apologies and speculate about what's inside that Google-Aid they're drinking down there. Plus, we think Windows Phone 7 looks pretty cool despite that odd naming convention, and after that it's all mobile news all the time. --Molly

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Anger Leads to Apology From Google AboutBuzz

Google admits Buzz social network testingflaws

Microsoft launches Windows Phone 7 Series formobiles

Other StoriesEdit

AT&T takes a jab at Apple with its own cross-platform appstore

Apple bans iPhone hackers from AppStore

T-Mobile USA reveals 4G plans

Nokia and Intel combine Maemo and Moblin to formMeeGo

Comcast Shoots For New Image, Rebranding As Xfinity

Kickers and ScienceEdit

U.S. cyclist accused of computer hacking

Steve Jobs anoints official biographer


Jason’s Question about apps

Mike has a problem with his Mom



Out of the blue, XM Radio no longer allows subscribers to stream stations on a computer without paying for a premium account. First they cut the 64bit audio to 32 but and added a premium subscription of 128 bit audio for $3.00 a month.

I called and canceled my subscription for two radios today over this. I imagine there won’t be satellite radio at all for much longer.

Love the Show,


Marblehead, MA



Ah you have to love a complete nut job. The South Australian Attourney General is at it again. He is proposed a plan to introduce an R18+ rating system for computer games in Australia. he went on national TV and made the ludicrous claim “that gamers pose a greater risk to his safety than bikies”. What the hell are Tom and Veronica up to? Gambling, prostitution, intimidation … watch out Molly … Tom’s a gamer.



Canberra, Australia

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