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1164 - Facebook login
Thursday, February 11, 2010

We think, due to the magic of search-engine optimization, that this episode is about to become our highest-rated ever. P.S. Attention, visitors from Google: this is not the Facebook login page. Sorry about that. In other news today, we tear down Google Buzz's privacy options, Bill Gates can barely be bothered to diss the iPad, and some guy plans to be pooping in a box for 30 days. Sometimes we hate the Internet. --Molly

Stories Covered[]

Top Stories

Apple to slash TV downloadpricing

Google Buzz: Privacy nightmare;jsessionid=0YFCGXEHBQLZ3QE1GHOSKHWATMY32JVN

Other Stories

MySpace CEO out after less than a year

Facebook opens chat, and AIM plugs in

Facebook Wants to Be Your One True Login

Bill Gates Joins the iPad’s Army of Critics. Steve Jobs Couldn’t Care Less.

Google shuts down music blogs withoutwarning

RIAA Insists On 3rd Trial In ThomasCase

Motorola has an oopsie, Android 2.1 update for the DROID not rolling out thisweek?

Kickers and Science

U.S. To Be Hit By Massive Cyber Attack On Feb. 16. Asterisk.

Man locks self in box for fame


Javier calls out Warner

Mike reports on the phone situation in North Dakota


Hey Buzz Crew,

2 Things

1. Possible iPad price drop, Apple doesn’t really have a lot of room for a Price Drop. I just paid $300 for an iPod Touch. Wouldn’t they have to drop all their device prices?

2. The $1.39 iTunes pricing. We might be a minority, but we hardly ever buy songs. We buy or gift iTunes gift cards. A $15 iTunes card no longer buys 15 songs, it only buys 10 songs. So, we still spend the same amount of money (revenue) but really there is no temptation to spend more than the gift cards, we just get less songs, no biggie.

Love the show, great to have Molly back every day.


Hey Buzz Crew!

Yesterday I was listening to your discussion about the fiber network Google is working on and I started to wonder. Could this have anything to do with the rumored T-Mobile acquisition? Especially because T-Mobile was the first carrier to have the Nexus One. Maybe their plan is to buy T-Mobile and integrate it with the fiber infrastructure they’re building? Makes sense…


Thanks everyone!


The Three Shells

Shell 1: water spray. The more you turn it the more forcefull the stream. By pushing/pulling you change the temp.

Shell 2: air blower. Again, the more you turn the more forcefull the breeze. And pushing in and out changes the tenp.

Shell 3: is for assorted fragrances. You have a couple of choices (you can mix and match if you want), then you push in for mist.

Simple no?


After The Credits[]

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