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1161 - Molly Wood is definitely back on BOL. Definitely.
Monday, February 8, 2010
Benito Gonzales

Today's BOL ushers in the dawn of ... a new drinking game! Whenever you hear us say "definitely" on today's show -- and it's going to be often -- take a swig. Also, we Monday-morning quarterback the Super Bowl ads and explore the many reasons people don't want to buy an iPad. Oh, and my Droid is definitely crashy (drink!). -- Molly

Stories Covered[]

Top Stories

Barnes & Noble says Nook e-readers officially back in stock

Survey: Majority of people don’t want an iPad

Apple Will Reject Apps Using GPS for Location-AwareAds

Google leaps language barrier with translator phone

China Heralds Bust of Major HackerRing

Other Stories

Google aims for cute with Super Bowl ad

T-Mobile for sale: Google shouldbuy

Windows Phone 7 to dropmultitasking?

Game developers move to iPhone, ignoreWii

Kickers and Science

95% of User-Generated Content IsBogus

Physicists Discover How To TeleportEnergy


Just to throw out one more idea for memorable passwords. This method was suggested by our corporate security team. Rather than use a dictionary word and then l33t sp33k it, use a memorable phrase and use the first characters then alter it. It is also good practice to mix cases and at least 1 number and punctuation character. So the phrase “BOL Cnet’s Podcast of Indeterminate Length” becomes the password b0lCp!l (zero replaces o and ! replaces i). It is easy to remember and reproduce and not subject to a dictionary attack. Using this as a base it could be customized for different accounts.

-Jason in Chicago

you know what makes a perfect password??

you’re license plates

I have two cars and combine the plates. A single plate backwards combined with your regular password would work well too.

call me anonymous!

thanks :)

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