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1158 - Android has been sporked
Wednesday, February 3, 2010
Benito Gonzales

Nexus One gets multitouch but the rest of the Android universe is left out in the cold. Plus, Motorola's not using the "Droid" name for its upcoming Android phones. What's going on here? Plus, we revel in the intellectual awesomeness of imagining Windows 7 running on an iPad (even in virtual mode). --Molly

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Nexus One gets a software update, enablesmultitouch

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Apple kills USB syncing for apps, but alternative iscoming

Twitter reveals torrent scam details

Internet Explorer 8 Officially Becomes World's Most-Used Browser

Office 2010 hits the release candidate stage

Verizon Drops ‘Droid’ Brand For Newest Android Phone – the MotorolaDevour

Citrix to help users run Windows 7 on the iPad

Displax film could turn nearly any surface intotouchscreen

Kickers and Science

Hubble spots first asteroidcollision


Skyler proves everything has a fanboy


You probably received a few emails about this already, BUT, according to the LA Times, Apple didn’t request Stanza to remove the USB syncing due to ebook competition, but apparently due to an API violation:

Basically, there are no public APIs that allow for USB syncing. Stanza was using a private API in violation of the agreement.

And come to think of it, I was actually quite surprised to hear that Stanza had a USB syncing app in the first place — I’ve heard of apps that are forced to use the WiFi syncing route because USB syncing isn’t allowed. Whether or not Apple will change this stance remains to be seen..

Anyway, FYI.

Nicole (Lee, our own)

Hi buzz crew,

CreateSpace gets them halfway there!

Is it too late to make a prediction for 2010?

If not…

I predict that Amazon will start their own publishing company, Amazon Publishing Co. Ltd. (copyright and registered trademark, David Yamasaki 2010). They will recruit as yet unpublished authors or authors that are not satisfied with the current business model (no longer under contract) and create Kindle only versions which they could heavily publicize on their own site Kindle Publishing Co. Ltd. also copyright and registered trademark, David Yamasaki 2010).

They could charge whatever they want and give writers a larger percentage of the sale price because there’s no middle man.

PS I would also like Amazon to have an orbiting space distribution center so that they could just launch everything I buy from orbit and it could just crash on my lawn. How do you like that, Cooley?

David Yamasaki

I'm looking at Adobe's own blog about iPad excluding Flash, the user comments are downright venomous against Adobe's product quality, CPU consumption, and closed code. Several posts even express hope that the iPad will move people to HTML5 more quickly, and nail the coffin on Flash altogether. Many of the posts are actually from Flash developers who are welcoming the opportunity to move away from Adobe altogether, and blaming them directly for poor implementation and support of their products on the apple platform as a whole. Maybe this controversy over the lack of Flash be a flash in the pan. (Pun intended...).–_a_broken_link.html


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