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1157 - Fighting trolls is like fighting ghosts
Tuesday, February 2, 2010
Benito Gonzales

On the Internet, the only thing harder to fight than frivolous copyright infringement accusations is comment trolls. Nevertheless, we're all going to give it our best shots. In other news, Woz hacks its Prius, the Internet comes up with wishful-thinking rumors to turn the iPad into the thing we all wanted it to be, and we just cannot get excited about the Nexus One on AT&T. Or the JooJoo tablet. --Molly

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Top Stories

Wozniak cites ’scary’ Prius acceleration problem

Apple Rumourpalooza

Rumour mill: New iPad with full OSX and camera on Verizon

Google shows off Chrome OS tablet ideas

And now time for Google tablet rumors. Wonderful

Other Stories

AT&T getting its own Nexus One soon

Microsoft investigating Windows 7 batteryissue;_ylt=Au7LX4TsZixx4JlFJ5VGdPB0fNdF

JooJoo tablet may come as early as this month;_ylt=AtejygaFobO.GOqgAPVgkvl0fNdF

Grandma endures wrongful ISP piracysuspension

New reality show coming to PlayStation Network

Engadget turns comments off

Kickers and Science

Twitter reduces our grasp on spelling and grammar


Max from Fresno on contact lenses for 3D

Anonymous on price fixing


Hi JaMoTo (glad that I can use that abbreviation again):

I ran across this story on that suggests that Amazon might be the winner in their battle with Macmillan. Basically, the article suggests that because Amazon was losing money on Kindle books, they’ll now stop losing money on Macmillan books (and on books from any other publisher that adopts the agency model). In the end, the prices will naturally go down, but Amazon will no longer be taking a loss on Kindle books. If this is true, then Amazon just lured all of the publishers into a trap.

Still, I don’t buy every argument made in the article. (The author suggests that if e-book prices go up, piracy won’t increase. I disagree with that statement). I seriously think that $9.99 is the sweet spot for new e-books. At prices higher than that, customers will buy the physical copy instead. Only at under $10 does is it appealing to me, at least, to give up my right to loan or sell the book when I’m done with it.

The article presents an interesting theory, and I can’t wait to see how this all turns out.

Joe AKA dOgBOi

Hey Buzz Crew

I’m a big fan of Stanza, I love the ability to share any document no matter what format onto my iPhone, which is perfect for my job. However it looks like Apple has made the devs take away features from the app. An update hit yesterday and all it does is remove the ability to share books from your pc to the iPhone app via USB. This is pretty darn suspicious as Apple just announcement their own iBook platform for the iPad. On the Stanza forums the devs explained that if they don’t remove the feature they risk being booted from the App Store !

Love the show.


From London, England

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