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1156 - Tweet to the handbag
Monday, February 1, 2010
Benito Gonzales

On today's show, Amazon gets called out on price-fixing, even though Macmillan wants to charge too much for e-books. AT&T redefines "unlimited," and Microsoft is redefining the bar code, Apple got the fake Flash out of its iPad ads, and big news! Jason had his baby, and Molly's coming back to Buzz Out Loud full time as of next week. Yeah, you read that right. Not a punk. See you Wednesday! -- Molly

Stories Covered[]

Congrats Jason Howell!

Amazon Caves To Macmillan's eBook Pricing Demands

(Molly Rants) Amazon: get out of the e-book pricing business

Apple excises the false Flash in its iPad promo video

Other Stories

8.9-inch ExoPC Slate has iPad looks, netbook internals, Windows 7 soul

Zune Phone to Debut at MWC, Will Use Nvidia Tegra

Microsoft tries to reinvent the bar code

Foursquare Teams With Bravo TV

Southwest Airlines is getting WiFi

Kickers and Science

Grammys: Imogen Heap Accepts Award Wearing "Twitter Dress"

Colbert starts iPad campaign at the Grammys


Gonzo’s theory on the iPad microSIM



You guys totally missed why samsung beat out hp in sales last year. Kinda low tech but so true! Appliances! Have you looked at refridgerators latley? Samsung has great reliability and style. I’m lusting after a jet black fridge by them with dual compressors, led back lights and a computer controlled quad climate system plus, a touch screen. All this for the low price of $1100.00 My 13 year old daughter has beat her samsung phone to hell and back with no problems. A company that can bear the abuse that a 13 year old compulsive texter can put out, (4000 a month average!) probably knows how to make a reliable icemaker too.

Been listining for two years,

Love the show (most of the time)

The other Josh from Denver.

Buzz Crew,

Love the show!

There is a problem to polarized contact lenses (ep. 1155) beyond the cold of Maine. Polarized lenses must be oriented in order to be effective as sunglasses (decreasing sun glare off the ground or other horizontal surfaces), and one lens must be oriented 90? different than that for use in 3-D viewing. Yet contact lenses tend to slip around, losing their orientation.

Possible solution: Magnets? But you’d have to have some electromagnetic field on your eyes, generated by something nearby. Temple implants? I’m not sure it’s sellable.

Keep up the good work!


Mechanical Engineer

Cupertino, Ca

Dear BOL … ?

Dear Bollers?

Dear Bowlers?



Has a replacement for the JaMoTo name ever been agreed upon?


After The Credits[]

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