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1155 - Fujitsu threatens to sue over stupid iPad name
Friday, January 29, 2010

While every woman on Earth universally thinks the name iPad is stupid, Fujitsu still wants to own it. We'll tell you about the Fujitsu iPad which has existed since 2002 and why Apple thinks they can still own the name anyway. We also look at the MSI tablet which may be much better than iPad. But will you buy it? And we hear from a man who is drunk and frozen in Maine.

Stories Covered[]

Fujitsu Readies Lawsuit Over “iPad” Name

The iPad has Adobe’s Flash on Apple’s video

Why You Can't Use Your Phone's SIM in the iPad

MSI’s 10-inch Tegra/Android tablet coming this year for $500

Samsung takes top spot from HP

Wikileaks temporarily shuts down due to lack of funds

McGraw-Hill on iPad launch: We didn’t get booted; we weren’t part of it

IAB's Rothenberg: iPad Is A Threat To Online Ads

80% of Cell Phone Encryption Solutions Insecure lets you book ‘Lost’ flight


Scott has a brilliant idea for 3D TV

Janna will love the iPad.


Hey Buzz Crew,

I just finished listening to your coverage on the Apple iPad and found myself thinking Apple is taking its fan base and popularity for granted by not innovating, even when technology is readily available. My brother is a CMOS image sensor designer, and was the senior engineer on the project that created the first credit card sized digital camera. The sensor had also been employed for rear facing cameras in many newer automobiles an is a proven viable technology. About two years ago he had a meeting with some VP at Apple regarding including a forward facing camera on the iPhone. The idea was to have a low powered, lower resolution video feed to use for streaming video calls at lower bandwidths. My brother didn’t partner with Apple on the project, opting to go with imaging DNA sequences instead, but it confuses me that Apple hasn’t found and implemented this solution yet. Maybe they need to readjust their spending away from bashing Windows constantly and start innovating again.

Love the Show,

Chad the Professional Ballroom Dancer in Portland

Hello Buzzers…

I think the most interesting thing about the iPad and iBooks announcement is the fact that they will be using the ePub format. If publishers start making textbooks in ePub format, then the accessibility issue may be wiped away by the recent announcement at the ATIA conference. At ATIA the makers of the Victor Reader Stream announced compatibility with ePub books so if blind users can use iTunes to buy books and import to the Stream then issue resolved. The Victor Reader is an iPod like device for reading books and playing other audio formats. These developments could be a huge move in the right direction, until publishers figure out a way to screw it up with permissions or such.

Love the show!


“A podcast of unspecified length concerning news and events in accessible technology.”

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