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1154 - How much is that Moon trip in Microsoft points?
Thursday, January 28, 2010

Yes of course we rehash the Apple iPad. We find out how to pronounce it properly in Boston. And we determine that it is the fundamental problem with democracy. But there is other news, including a class-action suit against Microsoft over its points system on Xbox and Zune. And President Obama wants to kill the moon program for now.

Stories Covered[]

Apple’s iPad: What you need to know

Apple lifts VoIP over cellular restrictions in new iPhone SDK

Microsoft roadmap has Windows 8 shipping in 2011

Class action suit filed over “fraudulent” Microsoft points

Ubisoft’s new DRM solution: you have be online to play

Jammie Thomas rejects RIAA’s $25,000 settlement offer

Even without cookies, a browser leaves a trail of crumbs

3D TV coming to British pubs this weekend, can expect chilly reception

Obama Choosing NOT To Go To the Moon


Pete from Boston clears up the whole New England iPad pronunciation question.

Jefferson (Jeff) from Sydney has an iPad question

Orad the physics student has an answer



Just wanted to comment on Wednesday’s caller about me. The account wasn’t “stolen” by any definition but in an attempt to protect the person responsible for the account I used, I purposefully kept that information light. And, as you suggested, I did indicate several times in the piece that I was not under an NDA and that I was operating with OnLive’s consent.

Just don’t want you guys to think I was acting inappropriately regarding the issue or anything like that but the other criticisms are indeed fair.

Have a good one!


Hi everyone,

I heard there was going to be a protest outside the Apple event yesterday by the Defective by Design people (I read about it here over the locked down nature of the device. Did anyone at the event run into this to your knowledge? What are your thoughts on the implications of Apple bringing this locked down infrastructure of the iPhone/iPod Touch into the typically open world of home computing? It probably wasn’t a huge group though I do agree with them on a number of points.

Love the show,

Josh Miller

Grad student (though not for much longer)

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