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1150 - Up the creek without a Bible
Friday, January 22, 2010

The FCC is coming for the schools and churches just like that crazy guy on the corner told you! June 12th they'll require anybody using a wireless microphone that operators in the 700 MHZ spectrum, to stop using that mic. That's right. the purge is coming! For microphones!. Actually it'll affect Broadway shows too. Will the FCC be able to round up the ne'er-do-wells? Will Google ruin US-China relations? Well that's another story. Literally.

Stories Covered[]

Verizon, AT&T May Carry Apple Tablet

China: Clinton Internet speech harms ties with US

Microsoft Patches “Google Hack” Flaw In IE

Microsoft Learned of IE Zero-Day Flaw Last September

Google sees fourth-quarter revenue, earnings rise

Facebook Building Data Center in Oregon

Facebook Master Password Was “Chuck Norris”

OnLive Gaming Service Gets Lukewarm Approval

And Online sends takedown note to reporter for logo use!

Tor Users Urged To Update After Security Breach

Time for churches to “come to Jesus” on illegal wireless mics

Carbon nanotubes used to make batteries from fabrics


Jeff from Arkansas has a name for the tablet

Anonymous question about selling gold


I have been waiting to see if a company would be SO unseemly as to use the recent attack on US companies and Google taking a moral stance against China as a way to make financial hay. Well, this seals the deal. I am officially never buying another product from Motorola. If money's more important than the freedom of a billion people, then my money is better spent elsewhere.

Joey Yokubaitis

Chicago, IL

While driving to work today, I realized I think I know the One More Thing for Apple’s Press Conference. While the Tablet/I-slate is a given, along with the introduction of streaming music and potentially a new iphone/iphone operating system, the real “One More Thing” will be… (cue drumroll) the announcement of the itunes store carrying the beatles complete anthology. {Lights will dim, and the Beatles music will fill the room, and cheers will rain from the rafters!}

Think about it; not only is this a perfect time, it would create such a hype and people would go crazy. The announcement is in physodelic colors kinda like the outfits on the sgt pepper’s lonely hearts club band album. Go ahead and cue your favorite beatles song as the title track.


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