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1149 - Secretary of State Clinton plans to free the Internet
Thursday, January 21, 2010
Jared Cohen, Special Advisor to Secretary Clinton

We had the pleasure of chatting with Jared Cohen, Senior Adviser to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton today. He gave us some more insight into Secretary Clinton's speech about the freedom on the Internet, specifically relating to China. We also clarify that Verizon is not booting people off the Internet--but apparently Cox is. So take all that stuff we wrote yesterday about Verizon and just put Cox in there.

Stories Covered[]

Joining us is Jared Cohen, Senior Advisor to Secretary of State Clinton’s policy planning staff

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lays out new Internet freedom policies

Ahead of Clinton tongue-lashing, China downplays Google feud

U.K. launches an open data site with three times the data as the U.S.’s

Verizon is not booting P2P users off of network

Amazon opens up Kindle to third-party apps

Nokia puts free turn-by-turn navigation on all phones in 180 countries

Apple sees tablet as one device shared by the whole family – WSJ

Bing Maps out of beta with some new features

YouTube starts movie rentals with Sundance films

HP laptops may have Pico projectors soon

Amazon promotion tempts book lovers with free Kindles

Bill Gates has a new bloggy Web Site

Yes, we are having issues with the feed. It’s all described here:


Josh about Cox cutoffs


Hi Buzzcrew,

Gizmodo has this great open letter from the band OK Go, who made an incredible success on You Tube years ago. They are explaining what changed in the music industry and why they can’t allow the fans to embed their videos anymore. I think this is a good topic for BOL. The link is bellow.

Keep the good work,

Dmitry Rocha

Hello all,

The other day you were talking about the Rock Band authoring software that will allow 'anyone' to put their stuff on the Rock Band marketplace. A few months back my younger brother Dan (let's call him Dan the record producer…) and about 30 others were given a master class by Harmonix about authoring Rock Band songs. Dan was there from what I gather because of his knowledge of Pro Tools and doing digital editing etc. There were some computer guys there and some record producers/engineers. (As a side note, they still seem to call themselves record producers and engineers, even though they rarely make 'records' any more and they all use digital stuff, not tape). He said it was fun teaching computer guys about recording, and the computer guys liked teaching the recording guys about using the software and using game authoring tools.

It is not easy, according to Dan. He is a pretty good producer/engineer (he's currently recording the next album by the Cranberries and has produced a number of artists over the years, check out his wikipedia article, written by his brother….) and he said it was really draining. It is also quite precise, as far as what makes a track easy, medium or hard. Could someone with a bit of knowledge do it as you suggested. Probably, but there is a catch. It seems there is a peer review process. So just like when I submit an article to a journal and my peers look at it, any rockband track will have to be approved by an editorial board of sorts.

Anyway, thought you might find that interesting.

Dave (the psychologist, who is usually known as 'Dan's brother')

Hey Buzz Crew!

I have just found an article with supposed pictures of the Apple tablet thing that will probably but maybe not be announced. Here is the link: They look kind of reasonable, but come one…would they really make it look that blatantly like an oversized iPhone. I Hp[e their “latest creation” is more creative than that.

Well, love the show as always!


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