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1147 - Mint Fried Quicken (sarcmark!)
Tuesday, January 19, 2010

While Apple has officially announced an announcement, we don't know what it is. So we speculate anyway. Sue us. Will you pay $2 for a new character that indicates sarcasm? Most of us won't, either. We also discuss the meaning of privacy in search engines and Quicken hides it's online service behind Mint, which oddly makes Natali hungry.

Stories Covered[]

Apple officially announces January 27 event

Expect to see iPhone 4, Tablet, and new iLife

Apple tablet invites went out. Announcement confirmed for 1/27 and Harper Collins may be one of the first content providers?

Asus tablet has some teeth too, rumor-wise, anyway

Tablet computers will sell in their millions this year claims Deloitte

Google scraps mobile launch in China because of ongoing tiff

Microsoft to Erase Search Records After Six Months

Self publish on Rock Band. Yikes! :)

Our friends at Rev3 very seriously recruiting Conan O’Brien

AT&T rolls out unlimited text, voice, and data plans

Google launches missing person finder for Haitian earthquake victims

Rumor roundup: the when and what of Windows Mobile 7

In Mexico it becomes illegal to Tweet police drunk driver stakeouts

SarcMarc is the new LOL, haha, JK, etc.


Marshall in Montreal talks about app stores


I just listened to Friday’s episode 1145, where you were (somewhat justifiably) slamming Real Networks. You do realize that Rhapsody is Real, right? Don’t get me wrong–I’m no fan of Real, nor certainly of RealPlayer, but I think it’s fair to conclude that Real Networks is not quite dead yet.

Richard Gunther Washington, D.C.

Hi BOL team.

I don’t know if this is on your radar, however, I’m sure you’re aware of Intuit’s acquisition of Well, as of Saturday morning, it appears that they flipped the switch, and QuickenOnline is no longer available (easily) from the homepage, you’re instead directed to the site.

Unfortunately, with the the change, they did not follow through on their word to introduce functionality from QuickenOnline to Mint. Specifically, you can no longer enter payments or have any kind of recurring bills. For myself and I’m sure countless others, this is a HUGE problem, as we use this functionality to mke sure we pay our bills on time.

If this is the direction that Intuit/Mint is taking, they’re (IMHO) shotting themselves in the foot, by removing the whole POINT of finance software.

Thanks for listening to me vent.

– Mike

After The Credits[]

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