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1146 - Fighting firewalls with firewall
Friday, January 15, 2010
Lynn Fu

The Google China drama continues with some startling revelations about an Internet Explorer 6 vulnerability. And Tim from Kansas has an intriguing suggestion for how Google could reverse the Chinese firewall to get back at them. We also witness the dominance of the Nintendo Wii and the cheapening of some of Verizon's plans.

Stories Covered[]

New IE hole exploited in attacks on U.S. firms

Stanford student victim of Google cyberattack

Malware Sneaks Into Android Market

Nintendo’s “fad” dominates Sony, Microsoft in December

Verizon Wireless revamps calling plans; Goes for customer grab ahead of 4G

Clearwire may consider 4G alternatives to WiMax

Intel earnings surprise: we have lift-off

Akamai: World’s Net connection speeds rising

Real Networks CEO Glaser steps down: So long, and thanks for all the malware?


Patrick from Nashville on Sprint’s text mesaging

All Four Major Carriers Now Waiving Fees For Haiti SMS Donations


In episode 1145 you guys spoke about Sprint charging for text message for the haiti donation, and T-mobile and verizon is not and AT&T somewhat not doing it.I saw today T-mobile just took it to another level. They will not charge you for calls make to and from Haiti. Don’t know if any other company is doing this but I see more and more T-mobile is setting the standard and these other companies are force to follow. Good job T-mobile proud to a customer.

Thanks guys,

Jerome from Brooklyn NY

If Google wants to effectively fight back against China’s government-sponsored hacking, they could do by removing or deeply demoting all search results that originate in China or that have Chinese affiliations. Plus, they could easily and damagingly justify this action by flatly stating: “We can no longer provide search results to our customers that – based on recent events – can no longer be proven as valid, legal, or even safe”. Boom.

Plus, it might actually help the US economy and citizen’s health by stemming the tidal wave of fraudulent high-strength fasteners, illegally dumped steel, toxic sheet rock, and children’s’ toys made from poisonous metals. Google’s domestic Chinese market share might be piddling, but how many billions of dollars does China rake in from exports via tawdry on-line sellers that are SEOed for the Goog?

Tim in Kansas

After The Credits[]

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