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1142 - Buzz Crew's Best of CES picks
Saturday, January 9, 2010

We discuss the winners of this year's Best of CES awards, and make our very own picks as well. But the most important news of the day has to be the whole Facebook bra color meme. What... Is it something I said?

Stories Covered[]

Best of CES awards

Personal Favorites

Molly: Lenovo IdeaPad Hybrid, Boxee Box, PicoWatt power plug

Jason: Eye-Fi Pro X2 is nifty/Boxee Box with Remote is pretty awesome.

Brian Tong: Tivit Mobile TV/ New TV remotes..NOT 3D/Monster dishing out $$$ for the celebs

Tom: IdeaPad U1, QUE, PopBox

Crunchies: Google Voice is coming to the iPhone "one way or the other"

Court to FCC: You Don't Have Power to Enforce Net Neutrality

Netflix CEO Hastings Sees 20 More Years Of Mailing DVDs; "Excellent" Chance Of Nintendo Wii Deal

Google Nexus Phone to Focus on Business

The flip side of Nexus One: Low early marks for Google, the retailer

Bra Color Status on Facebook Goes Viral


Tom mentioned Windows on tablets came out in 2002, but Windows for Pen Computing came out in 1992 during the great pen scare of the late 80s / early 90s.

It first launched on the Momenta M1 but shortly after on tablet boxes.

– Chris the Podcaster

I’m with Molly, why do these a-hole execs always say the people using the bandwidth they pay for are hogs/a-holes/muppets etc.

Surely a much better way of saying it for them would be to say “If you don’t use as much bandwidth as other people you shouldn’t have to pay as much, you should get a discount.”

It says the the exact same thing but one is much nicer.

Note. I’m in Australia see we have data caps on everything. I’m on a 160 gigs a month. As long as its at a reasonable price I don’t mind the system, sure I’d love unlimited. However I’d much prefer a faster network where I know exactly how much I can use a month and not have services throttled. If you are paying for the bandwidth an ISP has no excuse for throttling your connection as you have already paid for the service.

– Adam

I may just not be paying close enough attention, but it seems as though nobody at cnet is discussing the Adam tablet with the Pixel Qi display that is being shown at CES this week. In my opinion, this thing is probably one of the coolest devices on display, that actually brings the Pixel Qi out of the Vaporware category and into the light of day. Also, imagine if Apple announced a tablet (we’ll see) with this display that could do movies, games, music, AND read magazines and books with reflective light a-la Kindle. I really think this is huge news, and it doesn’t seem like anybody but engaget seems to care.

Love the show,

Toby from Salt Lake

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