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1139 - Live from CES 2010
Wednesday, January 6, 2010
Ian Morris

You'll know we're recording this episode from the stage before the show has actually begun because of the loud machinery crunching away in the background as vendors ready their booths. In the meantime, we cover Google's official introduction of the Nexus One, a 3D network arriving on your TV, and Microsoft's tablet computer. You heard me right: Microsoft.

Stories Covered[]

CES Unveiled

Sling unveils a quartet of new devices

Microsoft and HP to reveal Slate PC ahead of Apple

Google announces Nexus One – our thoughts

AT&T upgrades 3G technology at cell sites across nation

Palm Pre and Pixi said to debut on Verizon this month

First dedicated 3D networks coming to TV

Boxee box has a keyboard

Amazon beefs up wireless Kindle family

Kama Sutra’ most pirated e-book of 2009

Gaga at CES – Most talked about so far by CNET staff…not tech


Dear Buzzers,

Just found a use for Wolfram|Alpha.

I x^2 + 2( 4/5 (x^2)^(1/3) – y )^2 = 1 the show.

Try that equation in Wolfram|Alpha.



Michael in DeLand, FL

I would like to throw in some information regarding the sour grapes comment that Bono of U2 made about digital rights management. U2 made the most money of any group in 2009 doing live tours. So in this light Bono’s statement seems even more ridiculous since obviously U2 is doing despite supposedly rampant piracy. Here is a link for verification,

James Columbus ohio

Hey bol,

A couple things I found interesting about the Dubai tower is that the architect in charge also built the twin towers of the world trade centre. The features to keep this one safer are mind boggling. For example, every 13 floors you have a safety floor where it’s fire proof and the windows open, and there are elevators along the corners there so they can function in a disaster. Also, there are 135 elevators all high speed, taking a matter of minutes to reach the top.

Have fun at CES!!!



After The Credits[]

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