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1136 - Predictions Results for 2009
Wednesday, December 30, 2009

At the beginning of 2009, we made a whole bunch of predictions about the next year in the technology space. Turns out, we are really bad at predicting things.

2009 Predictions[]

Tom Merritt’s 2009 predictions:

One mass media company will push out an Internet-only or Internet-primary hit (webisode).

GPS will slowly disappear (except in-dash, Standalone GPS merge into phones).

Some sort of big, public security breach that will cause the change of fundamental internet protocol.

Android will outsell iPhone.

Yahoo will finally be purchased in 2009.

A mind control game peripheral will come out.

Twitter will get as big as facebook.

Google will buy a fried chicken franchise. (Correct Prediction: Google will buy a content company i.e. movie studio or broadcast studio)

Bandwidth riots.

DTV transition will go off without a hitch. (Mostly be fine)

A real look of the next-gen console. (Prototype of next-gen console)

Molly Wood’s 2009 predictions:

There would be no copy and paste for the iPhone in 2009.

Molly will buy an Android phone by the end of the year. (Molly breaking up with the iPhone)

Steve Jobs will leave Apple in 2009. (Leave his current role, like Bill Gates)

The usefulness and price of netbooks will be severely compromised by features. (get more expensive and bigger)

Yahoo files for bankruptcy after failing or refusing to do a deal that could save them in 2009 only.

A major newspaper (LA Times, NY Times, i.e. National newspaper) will go online.

Google will buy Twitter or Twitter dies.

Significant number of Americans will dump cable for internet-only television. Cable company have to change pricing model.

Symantec web will enable subscribing to any podcast in certain topic based on tagging.

Alien life will be discovered on Venus.

Jason Howell’s 2009 predictions:

Copy and paste will exist in the iPhone for 2009.

A major Mac exploit (wide-spread virus etc.).

Netbook sales will double in 2009.

LHC will not go online in 2009. (i.e. the world will not end)

iTunes will get an eBook section. Bonus: iPhone will get an eBook reader firmware upgrade.

Microsoft will attempt to buy a cellphone company in order to tie in with windows mobile.

Blu-ray will gain market share over DVD.

Fancy Android phone with solar panel will be announced.

A cloud services will be proven to have taken a considerable chunk out of software sales. (beginning of the end of software that we know it as.) iTunes will go DRM-free.

Notes Molly and Jason bet a two dollar bill on the copy and paste iPhone crisis. Tom said that Molly is from Venus.

After The Credits[]

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